PS4 - Games To Look Out For #1

The launch titles for the PS4 have gotten plenty of coverage, what about some of the titles later down the line? Here's a brief look at some of them.

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NeutralXP2268d ago

None they all put me to sleep

bradfh2268d ago

The Evil Within doesnt look to bad.

XB1_PS42268d ago

Evil within looks like an actual horror game. That's rare, but welcomed. I would love to get my hands on a good scary game for PS4.

JC_Denton2268d ago

Outlast (PLEASE LET THIS GAME BE GOOD) and Oddworld both look fantastic. It's easy to see people not being interested in the latter, as games like Halo and Call of Duty have pretty much ruined an entire generation of gamers.

GentlemenRUs2268d ago

Do you lot ever give up? Honestly it makes me ashamed to be part of N4G...

XB1_PS42268d ago

I've been going through this same feeling lately. If we could just all talk about the games instead of defending or attacking consoles. NuetralXP is part of the worst of N4G. No matter what, he tries to get his 2 cents against Sony.

HammadTheBeast2268d ago

I agree with you, but I drink Quafe for that.

CocoWolfie2268d ago

I'd say infamous, it was a mentioned in IGN's user choice for gamescom if i read correctly and it sure looks swell :)

GentlemenRUs2268d ago

That image makes me Lul!

Anyway... Some good titles coming up, I got to save a ton first though!

Omar912268d ago

I havent seen anything for evil within so I'm not sure how that will turn out however, outlast? That game looks scary as hell! Seeing that trailer made me get goosebumps. I seriously hope that game turns out to be amazing and isn't it a free game for PS subscribers?

It's crazy because this gen I rarely got indie games. I never found them to hold my attention for to long. Next gen looks to actually change that. Theres at least 5 or so indie games I won't mind buying when I get my PS4.

Plambey2268d ago

Outlast will indeed be free for PS Plus subscribers. Even more of a reason for all the PewDiePie impersonators to own a PS4 :D

(Note, I'm not a fan of the PDP)

Npugz72268d ago

I like the Ps4 Console but i prefer xbox ones lineup!