MWEB GameZone Review Saints Row IV: Mildly Amusing

MWEB GameZone reviews Saints Row IV and finds the experience only mildly amusing due to the game playing more like an update than a brand new title. The usual sociopathic humor makes the game entertaining enough while gamers wait for GTAV

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plut0nash1876d ago

GTA V is the potential winner this year then?

Snookies121876d ago

As much as I like Saints Row, it never had a chance against GTA V. Of course that's going to sell way more... Just look at the game, it's freaking incredible. SR4 is and will be a lot of fun, but GTA is the king of open world games.

Choc_Salties1876d ago

Well it looks like it might be an interesting title, taking price point into consideration

DesVader1876d ago

Certainly does look like an interesting title, but I really need to play through SRIII first :)