Why Playstation 3 is THE system of 2008

Fragcast evaluates the early life of the PS3 and explains why, with an amazing line up of AAA games, the system has become the format to beat in 2008.

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Kaz Hirai3844d ago

That's right, Sony Soldiers- We are witnessing the greatest comeback in the history of the industry! Emperor Kutaragi and I will win the console war for a record breaking THIRD time in a row!
2008 shall be a marvellous year for Krazy King Kaz!


Sir Ken Kutaragi 43843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )


Sock'it'to'em King Kaz!!!;)

Iamback3843d ago

The world wont exist by 2018, and you two need to grow up. I am Sony fan, well fanboy but you two are over exaggerating.

OJ_juice3843d ago

playstation will be THE system for all eternity.

Genesis53843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Oh they brought the big guns alright. I think you'll be in for a few more suprises come Christmas time too. FF XIII anyone?(I really think they'll pushing hard for that one)

Ninja_Moomin3843d ago

Correct! The R2 trailer made today feel like christmas for me!!!

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43843d ago

Why Playstation 3 is THE system of 2008...And 2009,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,1 8... ;)

JsonHenry3843d ago

Because it is due? I mean, the 360 and the Wii have already had their time, so now it has to be the PS3's time right? Too many good games coming out this year for it not to sell well.

kingOVsticks3843d ago

not likely since sony never play all their cards but if it does then it will be seriously overkill I mean straight up OVERKILL!

HighDefinition3843d ago

Final Fantasy 13 isn`t coming out this year.....that`s fine by me. But White Knight _______ NEEDS to come out then.

If not bring FF13, cause we ALL know it`s farther along then they would ever admit. They are just waiting for the right time to release it. I say the right time is EARLY DECEMBER, to completely OWN the holidays.


I DO think it`s coming out this year, w/ Versus following in 2009.

sonarus3843d ago

PS3 may have better games than the competition but they have to work twice as hard if they want to eclipse the competition. They are on the right track but no getting lazy. They need to WOW at their gamers day and completely outshine the competition at E3. Showing top class games is the way to do this. Not by delivering speeches on how your sales have improved and trying to make your speech like a rock band concert. They need to show games that will leave the media and the gaming community talking about sony and sony alone. If they can accomplish that at E3 then there is no doubt about it, 08 is their yr

skynidas3843d ago

Yeah i completely agree with u

Utalkin2me3843d ago

Give me a break, How many FF's has there been thats been AAA titles? 2 IMO 2 out of 12. So why does people think that this is going to be AAA. It might be but going by the rate they are going this will be average at best or maybe above average, Track record people track record. But as it stands right now i have more 360 titles that i want and have more faith in than ps3 titles. I am not on here to make friends, i am here to tell you my opinion. Disagree all you want wont change anything.

Tarasque3843d ago

Actually that is so true,, i agree with you totally.

Palodios3843d ago

The thing about Final Fantasy... western reviewers generally don't like jrpgs. They still do decently (B+ to A-) range, but its common to see criticism like "random encounters?" or "cliche plot" but that's just how jrpgs are. secondly, final fantasy has sold 80 million copies, number 4 as far as video game series go. Lastly, FF has a huge folllowing, in Japan and the states. People buy consoles just to play these games.

Genesis53843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

It is one of the main reasons I bought mine. I love Final Fantasy. There are some series I just really like. FF is in my top 3. Along with Tomb Raider and Resident Evil.(thoughs are multi plats, but I like the series)

yesah3843d ago

yep many things he forgot,

FF, WKC, and something im personally waiting for N:UNS

hope next years line up is just as good though, with GOW, HR, InFamous.

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kosha3843d ago

ye i think most of us know the ps3 is gonna be the system to have with all its big exclusives. 360 have also got some pretty promising games and the wii...well the wiis got er "casual games"

MrBii3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

Not just THE system of 2008.

But also THE system of 2009 and beyond.

This is the only system that is truly next gen multi media and futureproof with a shiatload of exclusive games that are unique and belong to the very best of their genres respectively.

The bottom line is this. If you dont own a PS3 now or soon, youre FKED.
End of story.

You hear that xbots. We told ya to start saving in 2007, didnt we. ROFL so now what. Hahaha. Better consider getting a job or that 360 of yours.

crunchie1013843d ago

"But also THE system of 2009 and beyond"


Iamback3843d ago

Its not that for no reason their slogan is "play BEYOND". EVERY Playstation platform has slow first year EVERY platform. But in second year and BEYOND games come from all sides, you can not menage to play them all as there is almost too many. But stupid hating media is ALWAYS first to forget and bash Sony.
That is why that sarcasticgamer site should shut down them selves. THey proved to be bunch of morons with that song "How to kill a brand". I know their name is "Sarcastic" but still bunch of fanboyish idiots.

Slayer OP3843d ago

There is no point in making articles on it. Even wii and 360 now they wont outdo ps3 this year in terms of games.