Monster Hunter 4 Gets Spectacular Opening Movie, Trailer, Six TV Commercials and More

Monster Hunter 4 is approaching its much awaited Japanese release date that will happen on September the 14th, and today Capcom went seriously overboard with the promotion with a whole 11 videos, including the opening movie.

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breakpad2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

it is shame that such a great game with great potential goes completely wasted in 3DS the ...i will be waiting it to be released for Next gen or Vita

jcnba282274d ago

Why because the vita has more graphical power than 3ds? That didn't stop 33+ million people from buying the handheld. You seem to only care about graphics which is pretty sad.

Mario182274d ago

Actually graphics are pretty important. Why do you think people upgrade consoles and such?

d3nworth12274d ago

Or maybe because the vita has a right analog stick which makes controlling the camera a hell of alot easier than using the D-pad. I should know I played Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on psp. Controlling the camera while keeping your character moving was a pain since both the D-pad and thumb stick are on the same side. Got it for the vita mapped the camera controls to the right stick. It played 1000 time better.

Garuda332274d ago

it's a shame capcom don't want to bring the series to more powerfull platforms(not these crappy psp/ps3 and 3ds/wiiu hd port) just to use the sames engine and assets from 2004.

breakpad2274d ago

i dont care only about graphics ..i care most for new content and expanding the already solid fiction world of Mou HOu ..(monster hunter 4 will have 70 % the same content with the previous monster hunters ..and if you are an old "hunter" this bothers you a lot)... new content needs bigger system it is clear stupidity,greediness (and laziness) for capcom to release it for 3DS

PrimeGrime2274d ago

Actually I could not care any less if the game looked exactly the same as the 3DS version on the PS Vita. It would just be better to play on the PS Vita.

I hate having to use the circle pad pro. Not like every 3DS game I would like to use it with even supports the thing anyway. Which is even worse that only so many games work with it.

ZodTheRipper2274d ago

Vita release or I don't care.
And how about a next-gen MH?

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kayoss2274d ago

I Hate you capcom!!... Sony PSP gave you a home for the Monster Hunter series and this is how you Repay them!!! I will never ever ever ever buy another capcom game again...of course until Monster hunter tri is released the Ps3 and Monster hunter 4 for the vita.

J_Joestar2273d ago

That is a terrible argument. Megaman X started on the SNES but then jumped ship to the PS1, so what? 3rd parties can jump all they want if there is a reasonable benefit in doing so.

FamilyGuy2274d ago

It's annoying to not see a brand new game on PS3, PS4 or Wii-U

2274d ago
kwiksilver992274d ago

trailer was sweet:)
too bad i can't play this on my vita.really miss this series.
was awesome playing it on the psp together with my friends.
good times

paul-p19882274d ago

We can hope Crapcom come to their senses and bring it back to their rightful home soon.

It's a shame, i used to love Capcom games, but this along with other odd choices (direction of Resident Evil, new DMC, Nintendo exclusivity for the last few MH games) have left a sour taste in my mouth and i now tend to avoid them...

jcnba282274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

That's too bad. Not buying a game because it's not on the system of your choice just wreaks of fanboy loyalty.

Blame sony for not offering more money than Nintendo for exclusivity.

PrimeGrime2274d ago

I don't agree with either of you. Money hating exclusives isn't cool and not buying a game you like just because its on a certain system isn't cool.

I could understand if maybe that is the only game you want and you just can't justify buying a system for one game. If there are more games that you do like for it then why not try it out.

Can always return something if you end up not like it. The return policy should be long enough for you to decide.

paul-p19882274d ago

@PrimeGrime MH would be the only game i would buy on the 3ds if i did really want it, so it's just not worth it. Also i played the 3ds and my eyes hurt after about 5mins, so i wouldn't buy it because of the 3d anyway (i know you can turn 3d off, but that would be like trying to disable touch gestures on an iphone... turning off its main selling point).

The only game i used to play on Ninty systems was Pokemon (and occasionally Mario), but after Black and White i just fell out of love with that after owning and finishing all of them since Red and Blue, so i don't have a reason to purchase a 3ds at all.

That's another reason why i want MH to come back to the Sony portables, as my Vita is filled with games that i love but the lack of a new MH made for Vita is quite annoying after how many hours i put into the PSP versions...

Imonaboat12274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

Its sad this game will be on the most underpowered system currently available

3DS = psp with a smaller screen and a cheap 3d technology

jcnba282274d ago

It's great this game will be on the most popular and best selling system currently available.

2274d ago
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