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If cooperative stealth is your type of game, then Splinter Cell: Blacklist is right up your alley. If all you desire is more of what Sam Fisher used to be in previous games, you may come away feeling a little short-changed.

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RedDeadLB2269d ago

This is seriously too low for a game this rich with content and good.

hennessey862269d ago

Couldn't agree more, looks amazing and I'm playing on high settings. I bet it looks astonishing on ultra, great stealth game. The ai is really good aswell

starchild2269d ago

Yeah, it really does look incredible on Ultra settings (minus SSAA, only using FXAA and SMAA through RadeonPro).

I've been a huge fan of Splinter Cell since the very first one came out and I really don't understand this review. Blacklist feels like an evolution of everything I loved in the first 3 games. It's challenging, but fair. Trying to ghost through levels offers more challenge than I ever remember having in the earlier games.

Moreover, even IF the reviewer was right about this being a very different kind of game than it's predecessors (which isn't the case), the score is way too low for a game this good.

RedDeadLB2269d ago

It looks bonkers on Ultra. It's amazing, by far one of the best games to play this gen. Not THE BEST, but still there somewhere.

Haules2269d ago

IM playing it on Ultra settings and its looks it dosn't look that special... Gameplay is very repetitive... Story is as always dull and boring.

Bathyj2269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

Crap review. Not even close. Best splinter cell this gen even if I do miss Ironside

RedDeadLB2269d ago

Yeah, the only thing they fucked up was Sam's voice actor. If Ironside didn't want to do it anymore, they should have found someone similar, not someone who sounds like he's 20.

Other than that, the game is excellent. I do miss the wall-split though..