WWE 2K14 Coverage: Let’s Talk #4: ADG Exclusive Cesaro Gameplay

ADG shows you a preview of WWE 2K14 with gameplay of Antonio Cesaro versus Daniel Bryan.

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Scholla1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

The problem tho is that 'Ant' (pun intended)lmbooo is in his old gimmick he's a part of "The Real Americans" as his new gimmick.

2K is a little behind on this one. "We the people!".

AntDaGamer1974d ago

I agree but thats because of this game's process. I'm sure they would like to have his Real Americans gimmick in to. Let's see what happens never know.

bilzdabest1973d ago

Na i disagree.
His We The People gimmick is just a burry.
He has barely won a match as A Real American.
Cesaro is a great wrestler.
Check his indy matches if u dont belive me.
I do hope he has his omg moment.
He done that against miz and it was a real omg moment.