Super-sweet South Park: The Stick of Truth screenshots

Editor Ron Burke writes: "There are some pretty fantastic games coming up in the last quarter of this year. We’ve even got the launch of two new consoles, and yet South Park: The Stick of Truth is well-seated among my most anticipated games of the year. We’ve got a few new screenshots for the holiday-slated game to share."

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JackOfAllBlades2275d ago

I hope this game is good, I love South Park, but I don't know how well it will function as a game

3-4-52275d ago

South Park has been my favorite since 1996. I even owned the N64 game, which IMO was underrated for it's multiplayer.

This game has the potential to be the Next South Park Movie, in terms of it's layout and amount of content.

FamilyGuy2275d ago

Ugh, I been waiting on this game since March, MARCH! They're taking way too long, still no confirmed release date.

Deeke2275d ago

I think this game will do well, as long as it has replayable awesomeness with RPG action it'll be good. The other South Park XBLA games have kind of tanked, but they were funny nonetheless.

TheGreatGamer2275d ago

Amazon have the release date as November 19th

mfletch5122275d ago

i hope this game does well. that being said.. if i get it at all, it will probably be for pc later on down the line.

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