Halo multiplayer matchmaking tested!

From "We tested Halo 3 matchmaking last night. A bunch of folks here, and a bunch of folks in real-world, top-secret locations, with regular intarwebs connections, played the first ever online Hao 3 matchmaking stuff and it was a great success. In early tests like this, you sort of expect it to be a crash-festival, and the test guys will just assemble all the failure data in the morning. But not this time."

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Maddens Raiders4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

+++++ Matchmakin'..?? Ain't that sweet...

Marriot VP4471d ago


"Rob McLees and I, along with Damian Isla and Lorraine, have been working very hard the last couple of weeks on a really cool thing that may or may not make it into the game. If it DOES make it into the game, it will probably be one of the biggest forum-thread spawning things of all time. If it doesn’t make it into the game, then don’t worry, we have another avenue for it"

also known as the FLAMETHROWER idea a while back

Asuka4471d ago

Resistence: FoM has one. Plus i'm pretty sure a few FPSs out there have one. a flamethrower isn't anything to get hyped about.

Personally, I hope they change up the multiplayer because it seems like its just going to be Halo2 with better graphics, a few new weapons, maps, and vehicles. Nothing really too exciting. I just might pass up on this game till it drops too $30.

Marriot VP4471d ago (Edited 4471d ago )

FIRST, i never said it was a new idea. I actually said after that it was "an idea a while back". I never said it was the first flamethrower ever in a game.

Secondly, you say you'll buy the game once it hits 30 bucks like when I said if MGS4 was on the 360 i may buy it at 30 bucks. I've had a PS2/xbox/n64 and so on. I actually had a PS2 a full year prior to the xbox. I never bashed MGS4 for what it is, only for what it has been hyped to be. Sony has some great titles, it's just that their mostly not my kind of games like I said.

Bottomline is that either way I'm telling the truth about MGS4. If it is on the 360 I probably won't bother with it, it's still okay to tell the truth right. And if it is, than you can hold me to my word.

Halo 3 still has a long way to go, so you saying it's just Halo 2 with more features is like saying a sequel isn't supposed to be like the previous game. Halo 2 was such a huge jump in multiplayer, all you can do is make incrimental upgrades. And there's no way you can tell that the multiplayer will be the same from what you see in screenshots. They're saying their refining and adding a ton of features so why are you so negative about it. Also you've heard the line about not having weather/hdr/etc in the screenshots.

Let time show what they have to offer, they've got a lot of it.

eques judicii4471d ago

i'm not sure it would be a bad thing if the multiplayer at least resembled halo 2 in some sort of way... it is still the most popular live game out there (250k people online every day) and that means they already found the best formula.. now its just time to improve on it, make it better, expand into some new territories... but no reason to drastically change what already works right?

Asuka4470d ago

where did all the talk about MGS4 come from? I was talking about halo3. I could careless whether or not you buy MGS4, I don't even like MGS.

Oh, on a side note, don't accused me of bashing H3, i was just expressing some concerns i had as a gamer looking for something new is all.

death monk4468d ago

Halo: CE on the PC has a flamethrower.

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FordGTGuy4471d ago

please go hide in your hole, if your not even going to give this game a chance you might as well stop playing games all together.

shotty4468d ago

How it has the Halo feel that the other 2 had. Also I hope the Mangoose (ATV) does not control like the one in Far Cry.

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