Splinter Cell Blacklist Unplayable In Certain Parts Of The World

Game Front: "Players hailing from regions in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East have reportedly encountered a “pre-load complete” state upon installing the game and have been unable to progress any further. The problem appears to affect players from the following countries: South Africa, Bermuda, Kuwait, Indonesia, Egypt, Israel, the Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Jordan, Cyprus and Serbia."

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AvidGamerrrr1879d ago

Yeah. I hear a lot of games are unplayable in certain parts of the world. At least 70% of it.

Mario181879d ago

70 percent of games. Oh my lord that is really bad for them. Imagine no cod, battlefield, gta, the last of us and all that being unplayable. Oh god I might jump out the window

AvidGamerrrr1879d ago

70% of the world. Not games.

Mario181879d ago

Ok I may not jump out but 70 percent is huge. I would be pissed because that deleted content might be an important scene in the game.

Ol_G1879d ago

well except gta that list sucked and is definitely not worth killing yourself over

BLAKHOODe1879d ago

Those poor people. They might have to go outside and kick a ball around or something. Whatever it is people use to do back in ancient times.

awesomeabe19981879d ago


Imagine not playing any of the Wii U exclusives!!! :O

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Ac7iVe1879d ago

I can't connect to online co op on the Wii u but I guess its happening everywhere with every console..

1879d ago
DieCamperDie1879d ago

On PS3 in Australia I am getting kicked out from every spy vs mercs game.. it's just stupid how they released it without even fixing the online.. hope for patch soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.