PS4 Adds Social Element to Battlefield 4

DICE producer Aleksander Grondal, the multiplayer boss for Battlefield 4, believes the PlayStation 4 “share” button will add an exciting social element to the EA game.

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NatureOfLogic2277d ago

The share button will make the PS4 unlike anything we've ever seen on a gaming console. Social elements mixed with the most powerful console ever will create an unparallel experience on the PS4. I'm looking forward to gaming on the PS4 day one.

MikeyDucati12276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Uh what? The share button is only doing what folks been doing for a long while. Maybe you just have a PS3 and that's why it's an "unparallel experience on the PS4" yada yada yada

Please...the share button is Twitch TV on a DS4. Stop making it out to be something so epic.

FamilyGuy2276d ago

The easy of use is unlike anything before.
Did you watch Sony's Gamescom intro? Watching friends play a game, commenting in real time, jumping in in under 10 seconds are all new experiences on consoles.

The little hub showing all your friends and the people you follow that have streams going of live game play is pretty awesome. Even if you don't want to join you could just sit back an enjoy a show. I imagine watching an entire game play through from the comfort of my couch, all while vice chatting or texting about it with the player, other people watching or my own friends.

The convenience of it being on the console itself is what's cool about it. I've done this same thing on and wished it was available on my console, an now it is.

MikeyDucati12276d ago

Eh, for a plenty of young gamers, the share button is just so cool. To the rest, it's just another novelty feature that is looking to capitalize on the new gamecasting world. It's really not that great.

Kryptix2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )


"Uh what? The share button is only doing what folks been doing for a long while."

Didn't know you can upload videos using the PS3 or Xbox 360 with the press of a button on the controller. Please make a tutorial video, a lot of people would want to know of your hidden gamer knowledge.

"Maybe you just have a PS3 and that's why it's an "unparallel experience on the PS4" yada yada yada"

This is how an ignorant idiot thinks out loud. Apparently, if you think the PS4 is a powerful system, you own a PS3. I guess everyone who's switching to the PS4 from the 360 automatically has an invisible PS3 right next to them.

"Please...the share button is Twitch TV on a DS4. Stop making it out to be something so epic."

Shows how ignorant you are to think the share button will only be used for uploading gameplay footage. Think about pressing just one button to upload pictures, levels, statistics, etc. into your Playstation profile for everyone to see.

"Eh, for a plenty of young gamers, the share button is just so cool. To the rest, it's just another novelty feature that is looking to capitalize on the new gamecasting world. It's really not that great."

21 years old and I find the feature something that will put gamers together and become more social. If I upload gameplay footage of me dominating a match in one of my friend's favorite game, that would attract friends to play with me. If one of my friend's share a picture of a level he or she made and it shows up on their live feed, I'll be interested in trying out that new created level.

I think you're just hating on social sharing because you either have no creativity or you lack skill so sharing gameplay of epic moments is never a highlight for you.

And you're hating because something beneficial to gamers in the social aspect is capitalizing on the game casting world? Look people, we have a hipster, I guess anything mainstream ain't "cool" for you and you should automatically reject it.

Nekroo912276d ago

Well im not a young gamer at all since i play videogames for more than 20 years and i think the share button is great.´

ive spend some time watching gameplays on youtube but with share button you can actually join the game, see what your friends is doing, teach him how to complete the a great thing. if you dont have friends probably the share buttton is useless and that must be your case.

PsnGammer212276d ago

You realize that ps4 is going be better than any those recording box they cost way to much that nobody should waste the money on then when for same price get the ps4 :) gg good fight bro

MikeyDucati12274d ago


How does one break down my entire post, yet did not read it? Only searching for bullet points to fuel your argument or triggers to incite your rebuttal?

Please. You lil kids don't even understand what I said. But hey, do what you must. If it requires having crap stain on your nose to justify it's worth, go ahead and be my guest.

For the average adult its a novelty.

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FamilyGuy2276d ago

I wish it existed on the PS3 already. I've got a bunch of friends playing FF14 ARR right now but I have to save my money an it'd be cool if I could watch them play. The PS4 is gonna make that convenient.

It really is a big deal to some of us, plus hopping in an watching is so fast! I always want to watch friends play when I see them on a new game or a game I'm interested in. See their play style an if it's fun.

Currently, I might see a friend on Black Ops 2 and I can watch his recently played games history but going from the XMB to the point of actually watching the match takes forever! All the load up screens, going online screen, loading video screen. All that gone on the PS4 and I get to watch live rather than something that's gone already.

Sideras2276d ago

It's a nice feature but wtf on that comment. I almost picture you touching yourself saying it and ending it all with a *nnng yeeeah, right there*.

dcj05242276d ago

0-o ..........Nothing to see here !Move along!

FamilyGuy2275d ago

Wtf, lol, you're a freak.

MikeyDucati12274d ago

lol, I get what you saying. These kids are being overly weird about small stuff about PS4.

Okay I get it, 360 was king and PS3 was pooped on. Now you're part of the cool kids club if you say yes to everything PS4. But for god's sakes cut out all that extra acting "oh great this is so what I wanted!! Thanks Sony".

That kind of stuff seems off to me. Like the person is a major weirdo.

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Majin-vegeta2277d ago

I wonder if we could message the videos we record to our friends?Cuz i would like them to see from my point of view watching me murder them on a game like BF4 :p.

DId that make sense??

sinncross2277d ago

I suppose its possible. I think tis more for upload and then anyone on your friends list can just check your social area out.

sending vids to individual ppl could be cool though.

Soldierone2276d ago

It'd be funny to catch a friend camping with a sniper or something, do a little dance on them, then send the video just before knifing them haha

Hufandpuf2277d ago

I just wished they didn't make it a button those. What if I'm doing something important, like fighting a boss and I accidentally hit the share button? They should've have out the share function in the pause menu.

ExPresident2276d ago

Don't randomly smash buttons on you controller then?

BitbyDeath2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Wouldn't that be the same as hitting the pause button?
Also the position of the button makes it very unlikely to accidentally hit unless your going mental with the controller.

FamilyGuy2276d ago

That's a good point lol, what's the difference between accidentally pressing share and accidentally pressing pause?
There is none.

Kryptix2276d ago

lol Not only that, but the share button is nowhere close to the d-pad.

You would have to hold the controller in a very uncomfortable and unsual way to hit the share button by accident.

Sorry Hufandpuf, you have to try better at trolling next time. 3/10

slimeybrainboy2277d ago

The share button is what will help BF beat COD in the future. Think of all the moments in BF3 that happened when nobody was recording. Now all those moments will be captured on PS4, people will want to play the game to capture their moments, and the game will be promoted like heck thanks to it, it will become the new buzz if they market it right.

Majin-vegeta2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I know what you mean.Back when the usas was a walking cannon.I took out a jet with it just didn't have anything to record it with :(.

Swiggins2276d ago

I'd say that's awesome, but back when the USAS was capable of doing that, people who used it were cancer to the game.

Then came the M26 Dart....

minimur122276d ago

All of your comment's are so insightfull ;D
i see good goddamn scores.
5/10 attempt
good stuff.
i goddamn agree
touchscreen ftw


ZHZ902276d ago

And what's wrong with him doing that?

user74029312276d ago

come with me if you want to live

Arrrriibaa2276d ago

"goddamn right"
"good stuff"


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