OXCGN's Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep Review


With the endless possibilities that the internet now delivers to the end user of a product, it’s no marvel to see so many titles in this current generation of games receive post content support.

Whilst both the Halo and Call of Duty franchise receive Map Packs, racers such as Forza receives new tracks and cars for players to drive, there’s one particular title that seems to get a plethora of new post content support, stacking on countless hours of entertainment.

That said game is, Borderlands 2.

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gaminoz1879d ago

It's amazing how much post-publication DLC this game is getting

RocknRolla1878d ago

Plus, it's said to be getting a GOTY edition :D

fOrlOnhOpe571878d ago

This game is TOO addictive - and a little hard work at times, for us single player types.