Tales of Link announced for smartphones

Namco Bandai is putting at least one of those Tales trademarks to use. Tales of Link is in development for smartphones, this week’s issue of Jump magazine reveals.

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RmanX10001882d ago

Dreams of a Tales X Zelda game dashed...

tiffac0081882d ago

Oh no... whenever they mix Tales characters together it usually ends up releasing in Japan only.

Summons751882d ago

It's for phones anyway. Any and all interest in this title was dead the minute they made an idiotic choice. But hey we're only human, mistakes happen.

DeFFeR1882d ago

Releasing a game with 10+ console releases to a market/platform with hundreds of millions of potential customers who don't have a stick up their ass?

Yep, clearly an idiotic choice.

Summons751882d ago

Yes deFFer because clearly major titles sell millions on cell phones....oh wait they don't. Gamers don't care about cell phone games, it's not a market to target. Do you think a soccer mom who plays candy crush and angry birds is going to care about a series like Tales? No of course not. Cell phones are NOT consoles and just because everyone has alone does not mean they are going to buy it. Look at the kotor iPad port. It was awful and nobody wants it because fans want he controler in their hand which cellphones/ tablets do not provide and the people who do download cellphone games (soccer moms and people most mostly hate mainstream gaming) don't not care for/ comprehend it.

Yeah completely logical to target an audience who cares nothing for video games.

izumo_lee1882d ago

Probably a card game featuring characters from the series....sigh....what a waste of material.

maniacmayhem1882d ago

Wow, I really thought it was going to be a Zelda game for the iPhone.

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