No Batman Arkham Origins On Next Gen

It has been confirmed that the caped crusader will not make his debut on next gen consoles with Arkham Origins

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Pro_TactX2267d ago

Well that is a shame, because when my PS4 arrives in November, I doubt I will be using my PS3 anymore.

Lunarassassin2267d ago (Edited 2267d ago )

But origins comes out in october. You'll have a month to play origins.
@pro_tactx oh i see your problem then. I have my ps4 preordered as well but i ordered origins at the same time. Well i suppose you could always pick it up later on after a price drop.

Pro_TactX2267d ago


Yeah but I stopped buying games for the PS3 a couple of months ago. Im using the money I am saving to fund my launch titles for the PS4. PS+ is keeping me entertained in the meantime.