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Pwnagraphic of RealGamerNewz writes, "Killzone: Mercenary is an upcoming First Person Shooter coming to the PS Vita giving you the power to merk, pun intended, people in the palm of your hands much like you do any time you play a FPS.

KZ: Mercenary takes place right after the original KZ, but before the sequels on the PS3. You play as Arran Danner as the war leaves Vekter and heads to the Helghan home front. If you are a fan of the series, this game won’t disappoint you. Once you adjust to playing on such a small screen, the game starts to feel much like its PS3 cousin and is beautiful looking too.

The online Multiplayer still carries over a lot of familiarity from KZ2 and KZ3 with 8 multiplayer modes where you can score cash to upgrade your weapons and rank. The engine of the game is amazing and really pushes the Vita’s capability almost to PS3 level graphics."

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