J-Stars Victory Versus – Everything You Should Know

YouTube group ShonenGameZ has come together once again to breakdown all of the info that we have right now for J-Stars Victory VS. Not only do they keep us in the loop, but they also share NEW information that most people may not have noticed!

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tayz1876d ago

i approve! this game is looking purty damn good!!

HystericalGamez1876d ago

Yeah i'm really happy that they decided to balance out the Health Bar system.

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animegamingnerd1876d ago

i wonder if multiple characters from the same series in this game like if zoro and hisoka are in this game i will die of happiness

HystericalGamez1876d ago

I hope atleast the villains for each series are in.

miyamoto1875d ago

Yep they must be in too

Whxian1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

i wonder whether there is any offline mp or if its just one player per console. since its 3d compared to older games like don which was 2d, andhas a huge map, they would have to do split screen like dbz, but is anything confirmed ?

HystericalGamez1875d ago

Nope, not yet. We'll now at TGS.