Lara Croft Becoming a Tomb Raider Was An “Involuntary Obsession”

If you’ve ever been curious as to why it was Lara Croft became a Tomb Raider, there’s now an answer!

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showtimefolks2276d ago

i had a great time with this game but what if it had no MP and the story was actually 15 plus hours long?

Square wants to know why the game didn't sell their expected 8 plus million, for a game with 8 hours of single player, selling 4 plus million should be great

hopefully TR sequel doesn't include MP, and totally focus on single player and making it the best

ironfist922276d ago

Or if anything a side co-op mission would be a sweet addition, but competitive MP is just stupid

rezzah2276d ago

I hope to see demons and dinosaurs in the sequel.

flappersack2276d ago

I wouldn't mind if it had MP again, but I think it would be better if the MP matched the setting a bit more. Rather than run of the mill deathmatches and what not, it would be fun if you had competing teams have treasure hunts, or even races scaling walls that sort of thing. Imagine if there was 2 v 2 with partners attempting to solve randomised puddles in a tomb before the walls close in? Would be mad.

showtimefolks2276d ago

yes something thoughtful could work

let's see but the run of the mill MP isn't needed

nunley332276d ago

there's a mp mode like that in uncharted 2&3 called where your objective is to bring the treasure back to your base,kills don't count in the score.

level 3602276d ago

Article doesn't really say anything that fans already knew about Lara's CGI-love/life.

Prefer developers stick to Tomb Raiding adventures, new puzzles.

starchild2276d ago

The recent Tomb Raider was fantastic. I can't wait to play the next one.