Analysis: Wii winning the "exclusivity war"

Nintendo platforms have often, whether rightly or wrongly, been criticized for hosting very little besides first-party software. If the latest numbers from a Next Generation analysis are any indication, though, that's really not a bad thing-at least from a business perspective.

Analyzing what has been dubbed the "exclusivity war," Next Gen's Matt Matthews has compiled data demonstrating that Nintendo is winning the battle of the exclusives. Based on data compiled from the launch of the Wii and the PlayStation 3 through to the end of 2007 of the 100 best-selling games, the Wii boasted 12 exclusive games, the PS3 five, and the Xbox 360 three.

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killer_trap4946d ago (Edited 4946d ago )

i'd say dragon quest, fatal frame and monster hunter makes this theory right, at least in japan. but when it comes to the western parts of the world. the ps3 & 360 are having most of the good third party support.

lol, now that i think about it. how was i calling it a casual system? it's true most of it's games are mindless motion sensor crap but the three i mentioned above are more than enough to make it a hardcore system.

MURKERR4946d ago

come end of 2008 ps3 will most certainly top that poll by a huge margin

theKiller4946d ago

with motion sensing, and thats what make it fun other wise its not a create games, wii sport for example, its very basic but the user interface is fun!! people after while would like to experience the master peace of software like MGS4,GT5, GTA4, R2,Killzone 2, motorstorm 2,gears of war 2, fable 2, ninja gaiden 2.

meepmoopmeep4946d ago

are we only talking about only the past year? then sure the article is right.
but OVERALL sony has the most 1st party exclusives... and BIG franchises at that.

ScottEFresh4946d ago

Analysis : Wii losing the "gamers war"

princejb1344946d ago

of course wii has the most exclusives
but how many of those exclusives do gamers actually wanna play

bigjclassic4946d ago (Edited 4946d ago )

Twilight princess, Smash Bros., Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, Metroid Prime 3 etc. etc.

Unlike HD era games, everything isnt FPS FPS. Thats not being a real gamer at all. Playing all genres and variety makes a gamer hardcore.
And Smash Bros. hasnt been out a month and its at 4 million units already. You guys need to grow up about gaming. Its not always about blood, guts and graphics. I still play my SNES and dreamcast along with my Wii and PS3.

also wasnt Mario Galaxy GOTY for 2007 and is the 2nd highest reviewed game of ALL TIME. Come on people.

princejb1344946d ago

of course its not about the graphics its about having fun and continuying to have fun with those games
i still play snes games on my psp such ass mario all stars earthbound and chrono trigger and still find it fun

v1c1ous4946d ago

if you count "Carnival Games" a worthwhile exclusive.

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The story is too old to be commented.