Preview: Dead Rising 3 still retains the series’ light hearted feel - Canada

This live Dead Rising 3 demo seemed designed specially to convince gamers that the Dead Rising series is still all about throwing gamers into a sand box filled with Zombies, then letting the player dispose of them however they see fit in wacky ways.

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pat_11_52268d ago

I'm glad Dead Rising 3 looks like it'll still be at least a little silly.

Fireseed2268d ago

If banna hammocks, and motorcycles with stem roller wheels and flamethrowers is a "little silly" then man I want your life lol

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STANK082268d ago

Dead Rising 3 day One :P

ceedubya92268d ago

Yep. Will be my first purchase.

lifeisgamesok2268d ago

I'm going to be so happy to own this game. I wonder if they'll show any missions before the Xbox launches?

pat_11_52268d ago

I didn't really talk about it in the preview but I did see evidence that the game still has a more serious tone to it.

lifeisgamesok2268d ago

Ok I'm new to this site but I have been reading a lot of negative comments from people that favor Sony it's embarrassing to me that I own Sony consoles :/

IanVanCheese2268d ago

get used to it kid. N4G is rabbid with fanboys, both Sony and Microsoft. Sony's lot are being more vocal at the moment since Microsoft have regained some ground after the Reveal/E3 debacle.

Just remember you're here because you like video games and not companies and you'll be fine.

NextGen24Gamer2268d ago

Yea but anyone who has been a member of this site for a while understands that sony fanboys out number xbox fanboys about 5 to 1 on this site. And the sony fanboys are way more rabbid. Rarely do you see an xbox fan commenting on a sony article, but you will always see Sony fanboys commenting on an xbox article. And typically they spew negative garbage. I wish the moderators would get a grip on this site.

I have never ONE time been to the ps4 section of this site. NOT ONCE. I have a ps4 reserved but I'm seriously considering either selling it or getting my money back and just use that money to buy more xbox one launch games.

I'm a gamer, so I would eventually get a ps4...But honestly no launch games interest me at all. Not even a little bit. IDK....Knowing me, I'll still keep my ps4. I love owning everything and keeping my options open. We'll see.

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