Moderation In Little Big Planet Confirmed

Good to know stuff like this will be taken care of, especially with a game that will appeal to such young audiences.

"Sony have said that they have to possible solutions to LBP players who create mature content (someone drawing a penis); self & community policing and the correcting power of legal action."

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HighDefinition3899d ago

That`s definitely the right thing to do.

Since Mom`s and their Children will be playing this game.

kosha3899d ago

ye this game will appeal to a massive market and that includes all the pedophiles and stuff. i dont want my little sister playing on a level called barbie land and then finding a load of willies stuck everywhere

HighDefinition3899d ago

Nice example.

Your 100% correct.

BTW. I think this is going to be the "breakthru" title of this generation.

Like Mario was to NES, I like that they`ve delayed it too. This game NEEDS to be perfect, because Media Molecule is on to something w/ this title.

kosha3899d ago

agreed no one has evev tried this kind of game on consoles and succeded but little big planet just looks the buisness

HighDefinition3899d ago

I can`t wait to see if a PSP title is announced.
Maybe for PSP2? as a "lauch window title" that would be a great idea.

September.September.September .

Thing are getting REALLY good REALLY fast for the PS3.

kingOVsticks3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

it will be really sweet to see a lbp for the psp but im not quite ready to see a psp2 just yet after all these goods games coming out for it. We probably won't see psp2 until 2009. IMO

TheWickedOne3899d ago

damn it I wanted to create a level w/ loads of willies everywhere. Joking, of course this is the right thing to do.

HighDefinition3899d ago

2009 would be a great time to release PSP2 w/ LBP(PSP2) after LBP for PS3 comes out and the word/beauty of LBP spreads.

DRUDOG3899d ago

You guys have to be kidding yourselves if you think the PSP2 is coming out next year. 2009 will be year 5 of the "10 year lifecycle" proclaimed by Sony just weeks ago. There will be new iterations of the PSP in the coming years, but not a "PSP2". Going to have to wait awhile yet for that one guys.

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freddy993899d ago

it will be a matter of minutes from this game is released to someone creates something pp may find offensive...

the should create an adult sone in the game for pp who is over 18, could be fun

THC CELL3899d ago

should just add age rate servers like x box do with the Underground etc

gambare3899d ago

they could create an account with the profile to have access to it.

PSh1t33899d ago

Yes. Once again, Sony should ape something else from Live. We know. We know.

"(someone drawing a penis)"

-and you KNOW that's gonna happen with all the pedo [email protected] all over kiddy big world. LMFAO. u homos. u must be some new kind of pedo [email protected] to want this game.

[email protected]3899d ago

That's a excellent news without a doubt.

EZCheez3899d ago

They leave the option open that if someone does create mature content they can still share it with others. I understand the need for this but not everyone that plays is a kid.

Tomdc3899d ago

Yh I think thats the idea, giving levels ratings so they are only banned from the young.

DRUDOG3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Totally agree. I don't need to see crazy stuff, but would love to see some adult hijinks for sure. Adult themed stuff could be like the difference between Cartoon Network during the day and adult swim for example. I'd just like a more adult/mature (not less fun, mind you) alternative at times. I really like the way this game is shaping up. Luckily I can afford all the stuff that is coming out this year!

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