Sony Making a Big PAX Statement – and Giveaways are Huge.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the next-generation consoles before launch and you couldn’t make it to Gamescom, there’s no better place than the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle this weekend.

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Stevefantisy2854d ago

I can't wait. Fingers crossed I win something good.

JoeIsMad2854d ago

Just get in the queue line really early and you can be one of the first on scene any day - that's the easiest way to get yourself a passport. That's cool enough to begin with if you asked me.

sincitysir12854d ago

Man Sonys hitting all the events! Their going to GameStop expo too on Wednesday!

MWong2853d ago

I want to hear a Naughty Dog and Santa Monica announcement.

Omar912854d ago

nothing comes to Connecticut :(

ElementX2854d ago

What's Connecticut? kidding ;)

Omar912854d ago

exactly :( thats probably what sony says when they decide where to show there events. lol nothing exciting ever happens here.

Gster2854d ago

Its the next thing MS have planned for their xbone!

G20WLY2853d ago

^It's the codename MS have given their secret plans to ship XBone without Kinect after the holidays are over - FACT! ;P

On topic: Sony seems to be hitting all the events and all the marks with PS4 launch preparations. I wish MS would bother to do the same. W/e, PS4 for me this gen :)

JoeIsMad2854d ago

You could go to PAX East in Boston. That's not too far away.

Omar912854d ago

Exactly when is PAX East? Thanks for the information btw

hazardman2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

@ Omar
PAX East, Boston is in April. I havent been yet but I've heard from others that its pretty cool event. Goes til like 2 am..

Edit.. its a weekend thing tho. Dont want you to think its a one day event.

Omar912854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Thank you for the information guys! I'll look out for it in April although I might be too attached to my Ps4 by then lol

ElementX2854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Nothing ever comes to the midwest either. I'm in Minnesota and everything is on the coast :(

ABizzel12854d ago

Who are you telling, I'm in Kansas City, and NOTHING COMES HERE. NOTHING.

SeanScythe2853d ago

Nothing comes to Louisiana, except hurricanes....

KrisButtar2854d ago

Nothing comes East of Montreal either :\

HAC5222853d ago

I live in New Jersey, all we get is half retarded teenagers who constantly ask "why dont you talk like how they do on TV" and want to visit the "Jersey Shore" house.

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STANK082854d ago (Edited 2854d ago )

Yesssss..... I can finally get my hands on Octodad and Ultimate Booger Flicker 4
Sony<3 Indies

Edit: Wait one minute!!! Sony has DiveKick playable at PAX? LOL HAHAHA WTF

JoeIsMad2854d ago

Yeah, that's a weird one for me. We have guys on my site that love fighting games and take this one very seriously, but c'mon.

DIVE. KICK. Game Over?

This isn't a serious title in my mind.

USA0072854d ago

Played dive kick at evo, pretty fun

saint_seya2854d ago

You think that you are good a steath trolling, well you are not.. sadly for you, only indies console for now selling from 2 to 4 times more than your beloved x-box.. And without the big games on..
That should hurt right? Its like in a race with a guy #with a strong right leg# using only his left leg and beating the others..
You should be even more worried, think when this guys decide to use both legs..

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