GTA IV 360-only advertising likely

DarkZero writes: "The first adverts are out for GTA IV in the UK, and it looks as if the game will be getting similar treatment games like Assassins Creed and Burnout Paradise saw upon thier release, with the title only getting advertised for one console - in this case the Xbox 360.

It is likely this 360-only advertising could be part of the huge downloadable content exclusive deal Microsoft spent a lot of money on last year. As you can see the latest advert also gives mention of that, commenting it will be arriving exclusively on the console in "Autumn 2008"

If this single console advertising continues onto TV we have to wonder will it have an effect on PS3 sales of the game"

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THC CELL3894d ago

not really gta is a ps game people will walk into shops and see it for ps3 and miss x box

LaChance3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Just like DMC4 right ?

Anyways GTA was also on the xbox and it sold great.

Im ready to bet that if you divide the sales of GTA by the install base ( PS2 then XBOX ) you'll end up with the same attachemnt rate or almost for both consoles.

I dont think GTA is bigger for the PS than for xbox nor in peoples mind s nor in sales.

THC CELL3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Ps2: Grand Theft Auto: San Andrea Rockstar 15.41m
X box: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar 1.93m Try again

@ LaChance - 3 minutes ago Below me
It will be very close in sales i bet u
ps3 will come a little on top

Again tho who cares i just want the game what ever console (ps3 Cough )
i will not be taking a risk getting it for my x box

MrBii3894d ago

you dumb xbot.

Everything you say, is fking idiocy.

I just bought a PSP slim today with extra battery and memory stick. Some guy walked in, asked the clerk about dual shock 3, saw GTA4 sticker in a case, talked about it with the clerk and said if he could reserve a copy.

GTA4 on PS3 that is.

360 = dead last.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43894d ago

I'm GLAD there Advertising it!!! ;-D
When people see it's GTA they will rush out and buy it for the PS3!
(or get a PS3 with the game)
They will just ignore the xBox360 bit!!!
GTA is PlayStation!!! ;)
+One game won't hurt the PS3 if this does sell a bit more on the xBroken360!!! ;-D
Nothing to worry about...Jog'on!!!;-D

Deadman643894d ago

you realize that GTA:SA came out wayyy later on xbox right? They both come out the same time now. So its going to be fair numbers.

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Zarfoz3894d ago

I doubt that there won't be any commercials spotlighting the PS3-version of the game. Other would be plain stupid by Sony.

mikeslemonade3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

In the U.S. I saw roughly the same amount of ads for the 360 and PS3 versions of Assasins Creed and Burnout Paradise. I guess Sony can do that in the U.K. as preorders for the PS3 version of GTA4 continue to outsell the 360 version despite having a smaller install base.

Buubar3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I'd take this as a RUMOUR until proven otherwise, one advert doesn't mean anything.

St03894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

This is just for a magazine advert? lol it's TV adverts that will make a difference, not a magazine that no one buys.

murt19873894d ago

I happen to see the cardboard cutout off a 360 box exactly like that in a game shop window here. It must not be just the UK but the rest of europe too.

Megaton3894d ago

The only GTAIV commercial I've seen here in the United States is that GameStop one, and it just displays both console logos at the bottom in the end of the commercial.

No big "Jump In" or "Playstation 3" screen.

NO_PUDding3894d ago

I ahve not seen ONE TV advert thus far for GTA IV.

And this is proved, becuase there isn't one on

And Microsoft do a prettya wful job of advertising here. I ahve seen advertisements for Assasisn Creed, as if PS3 exclusive, ones for Burnout as if PS3 exclusive and ones for Uncharted and Heavenly Sword.

But I only ever saw the Gears of War advert and Halo adverts, and the rest, they don't really advertise.

kingOVsticks3894d ago

and I honestly have not seen one commercial that said it was also coming out to the PS3.I am sure sony is going to do the same with their bundle which hopefully comes to the US.

solar3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

anyone else notice its says "Autumn 2008" in the advert he is showing?

edit: for the exclusive content. whats with all those 2009 posts?

sonarus3894d ago

Why do people think that sh!t matters? When you go to the store to purchase its not like they will be hiding ps3 version in the back.

Milky3894d ago

eerr ps3 had its own adverts on tv of burnout and assassins creed. What are they talking about ?

gaffyh3894d ago

Autumn 2008 = September, WTF? This must be fake, I haven't seen any adverts on TV in UK yet for either version of the game, and that magazine ad is ridiculous if it's real. Everyone owning a 360 will be waiting for the game in September rather than April.

LJWooly3894d ago

Well, Microsoft better make sure they get their version out in the spotlight, or else they just blew themselves a cool $50 mil.

wow4u3894d ago

Do you people think that Sony (or MS) pays for advertising 3rd party multi-platform titles?

No.. I dont imagine they go out of their way to help sell games that they recieve the least revenue.

Sony (and MS) pay to advertise their own 1st party titles, or perhaps they'd have a co-marketing budget arrangment... but its not like they pick-up advertising shorfalls for 3rd parties.

sonarus3894d ago

Have you seen those ps3 commercials you know the new ones that feature haze, mgs4, time crisis, burnout paradise, madden 08. I wonder who paid for all those since they aren't first party. Hate it when ppl just talk from their a$$

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Buubar3894d ago

I haven't seen any adverts. Still, it depends when they start pushing the game. I can almost bet we will start seeing PS3 "themed" adverts sometime soon.

If they don't plug GTA:IV they are making a HUGE mistake.

Area_513894d ago

This is the norm for a multi platform game you have Three horses in this race. Rockstar, Sony, and of course Daddy Bills M$. Each company will run ads A rockstar Ad will have listed available on multi platforms. While Sony and M$ will run there ads for the game, and being that there spending there money for the ad they are gone to make sure that it has available for SONY OR M$. Its commen sence I see this all the time on Mult. plat. games

HighDefinition3894d ago

In the LONG TERM this is all PS3.

Also, i`m having a feeling the PS3 version might be better.......

Partly based off that "First Review"

I`ve been thinking about it, lately all multiplatform games are either equal or BETTER on PS3.



(especially Burnout, which by the way is a SANDBOX GAME like GTAIV)

Just a thought that crossed my mind......we`ll find out soon enough.

HighDefinition3894d ago

Disagree all you want w/o replying.

Another few titles are...........

-Everything that has came out recently

If someone can prove me wrong....please do.

Cause I can`t think of one title that has came out recently that is "technically" better on the 360, can you?

I can think of PS3 title that are.....

like Burnout and MLB2k8 specifically. Everything else has been even.

Official General3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

First of all....I dont believe that only one console format is gonna advertise this game when it's a HUGE multi-platform title. Of course they will advertise it for both consoles. I'm not sure who will get the better exposure or larger share of attention, but I'm sure it will be massively advertised for both the PS3 and the 360.

"It looks as if the game will be getting similar treatment games like Assassins Creed and Burnout Paradise saw upon their release, with the title only getting advertised for one console - in this case the Xbox 360."

Now thats a load of rubbish. I live in the UK (London) and no lie I saw the advertisements for Assassin's Creed and Burnout Paradise. The adverts for Assassin's Creed came on TV only displaying the PS3 logo/name. Burnout Paradise was advertised as just a PS3 game on wall plasterings in public places and subway stations when it came out. On TV, the advert for Burnout Paradise was displaying both the PS3 and 360 logo/names. I really cannot believe the lies that this guy is telling, I mean he's a fool to think his fabricated stories will not go un-noticed. I know what I saw.

wow4u3894d ago

"feeling the Ps3 might be better"

Right, because on N4Fanboys, "less is more" as long as its the PS3. Gotcha.

LaChance3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

and I think DMC4 on 360 outsold the ps3 version in EU because at launch DMC 4 on PS3 outsold the 360 version thanks to Japan only so it means in the West DMC4 on 360 outsold the ps3 vesion (remeber theres only a 1 million install base differance in EU and DMC4 is according to Sony fans "related" to the PS brand) .I said I think Im not sure.
If it did then I dont see why it would be differant for GTA 4 especially when you know that GTA 4 wont sell more than 10 copies in Japan.

This must be a deal with MSFT.

edit : that is if this rumor is true

Does any one have the sales for DMC4 in EU and USA ?

Buubar3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

In Europe, the PS3 version of DMC outsold the 360 -

In America the 360 version of DMC outsold the PS3 -

Edit: @Your comment below

Erm, you said the 360 outsold the PS3 in Europe long-term which is wrong. You only talked about "west" further down. So if we are going by the "awesome" DMC4 sales GTA:IV should do will in Europe on the PS3 and GTA:IV will do well in America on the 360. :)