Don King Presents Prizefighter - Exclusive Debut Trailer

The first-ever piece of media from 2K's upcoming boxing game. Prepare to enter the Don Kingdom.

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ThaGeNeCySt3894d ago

graphically, this game isn't touching fight night... and it seems a tad bit stiff... BUT.. the footwork + counter punching look excellent... presentation and feature wise, we should be in for a real treat.

MK_Red3894d ago

Agreed. The footwork and some of the gameplay stuff is amazing but graphically, it looks way behind FN3.

sonarus3894d ago

Its 2k so graphics aren't their only focus. expect top form in the gameplay dept. Don't know why there is no ps3 port but i will buy it for the 360 regardless

pharmd3894d ago

it would be great if it had the first person view that fn3 had when it came out for ps3.... that was awesome

tony3894d ago

waiting for a new version of mike tyson punch out.

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PimpHandHappy3894d ago

agree with you both but i think you might be fooled by this trailer. I wouldnt count on footwork really making for a good gaming ummmmmm gameplay thing...

that make sense?

just woke up and getting back into work

i dont think your going to see the footwork stuff while ingame and its just fluff on a very normal looking game

ThaGeNeCySt3894d ago

I don't know... early previews and reports/interviews I've read on Operation Sports show that Venom are placing a heavy emphasis on footworking

GameDev3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

this garbage, come on people its freaking Don King.

I am a fight night beast, seriously, I will play people for money.
(with rules of course)

Sony needs to do for boxing what they did for baseball with
MLB:08:The Show (im not a baseball fan and even I have this game it looks so sick) so please Sony make the most realistic fighting sim ever made and we can tell EA and Don King to kiss us where the sun dont shine.

ThaGeNeCySt3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I remember the box of the original Playstation having a game on the back called "BOXING FOR THE PLAYSTATION" I wonder what happened to it

and Sony doing for boxing what they did for baseball, I'm not too sure about, they'd REALLY have to find talented developers like they did with the MLB series... and that seems like a hard enough task being their NBA series hasn't really been all that (especially when compared to NBA 2k series from 2k6 and later)

P.S.: MLB 08 The Show is the best looking and playing sports game I've ever played.

Iamback3894d ago

Published by EA? And no PS3 version? Well that says a lot about EA "love" towards PS3 and their hidden partnership with MS. Trust me in few years MS buys EA, that is why MS was so passive when EA was buying Bioware and Pandemic. Think for a second about it.

PimpHandHappy3894d ago

is awesome

and screw Don King

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The story is too old to be commented.