Thunderbolt: Mario Kart Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Mario and Zelda I can understand, but the hype that surrounds Mario Kart astounds me. I only experienced brief encounters with the original and N64 versions at birthday parties, because I followed the cool gang and bought a Mega Drive, followed by a Dreamcast and PlayStation. Whilst friends were drifting through Bowser's Castle, I was hacking it around Laguna Seca in a second hand Primera with a turbo charger gaffa taped to the bonnet, courtesy of Gran Turismo. My first proper ownership of a Mario Kart title would be Double Dash, which more than fulfilled at parties but to me seemed criminally short in single player. How could people like something this shallow?

I had reservations about how Mario Kart would work on the Wii. Nintendo still seems to want an online service to be run like Soviet Russia where interaction is at an absolute minimum - do your work and then get the hell out of their sight."

-Looks as lush and vibrant as ever
-Online offers oodles of multiplayer tomfoolery
-Wii Wheel complements the course design

-Wide tracks make races alot easier
-Local multiplayer suffers thanks to wide courses and AI bullies
-Feels dumbed down to accomodate Wii Wheel
-Races not as wild and wacky as hoped, much less carnage

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Cyrus3653844d ago

Looks like this mario kart game is in the 8 to 8.5 range.

Rayko3843d ago

I am totaly hooked on this game. THe gameplay is a perfect 10! and it is the best multiplayer game on any console. I got a little bored with nintendo wii and almost trade it in for a PS3 (add money ofcourse) but I am really happy that I didn´t do that mistake, Nintendo wii gives you the best gameplay on any console and togheter with my xbox 360 (best graphic and best online) it makes the best combination for this generation gaming.

ohhthegore3843d ago

You'll probably end up trading your wii after this game, I mean whats next to look forward to. Mario Sluggers?

PS360WII3843d ago

Monster Hunter, Fatal Frame, Disater Day of Crisis just to name a few. That's just silly to say no more games are coming out.

ChickeyCantor3843d ago

YAY another blind fool who doesnt know what he is talking about!!
there was nothing after Zelda, there was nothing after Brawl! now there is nothing after mario kart!!!!! O NOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS

I really like this game too! but damn it are first place online and then end up last T_T XD

ohhthegore3843d ago

Didn't mean to come off so offensive, I own a Wii as well its just when I look at the games coming out for the Wii and I compare them to Grand Theft Auto 4, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and Gears or War 2 its just real hard to get excited about the Wii games coming out. I guess if the Wii was the only system I owned it would be alot easier to care about their games

ChickeyCantor3842d ago

...who says we only own one console? or will only own one in the future?

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Milkman5413843d ago

Someday I'll buy a Wii and the 3 games all Mario ones...

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Brothers
Mario Cart

3 Must haves for the Wii right now...

wiizy3843d ago

why the shock mario kart has always been a great title and this looks to be the best and for people that actually own the title , they love mario karts online options... and its one more title to show that the wii owns 08

wiizy3843d ago

that clown... nintendo has so many triple a titles in their arsenal. where is f-zero, star fox, kid icarus, mario rpg, pikmin, animal crossing, a new zelda and new properties, nintendo did not release smash, mario kart, and wii fit all before june if it didnt plan on blowing sony and microsoft out of the water at e3.

ohhthegore3843d ago

WOW you really opened up my eyes, I better go plug in my Wii because I'm sure I'll be blown away at E3 with all these rehashes of the same thing we get every Nintendo generation. You have fun with your Kid Icarus, F-Zero, and Star Fox games while I enjoy Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand theft Auto 4, and Final Fantasy 13

PS360WII3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

heh your funny. So instead of playing 'rehashes' on Nintendo you'll be playing 'rehashes' on another system. Oh yeah you got us there boy!

ohhthegore3843d ago

Haha I'll give you a bubble because I knew after I named a bunch of sequels that someone was going to grill me for it so let me rephrase by saying I can't wait for Little Big Planet, White Knight Story, Infamous, Dead Space, Brutal Legend, L.A Noire, Mirror's Edge, Heavy Rain, Left 4 Dead, Alan Wake, and The Agency

PS360WII3842d ago

^^ yeah it was an easy target lol but yes I agree that the other consoles get exclusives as well. You have a Wii as well so you know it's getting non franchised stuff too. Boom Blox, Rygar, Deadly Creatures, De Blob, We Ski (uses that balance board!), Disaster Day of Crisis, and we'll probably hear about even more games soon. They say next week after embargoes are done with they'll be talking a lot about 1st and 3rd party games.

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