The 12 Greatest Video Game Monkeys

Slobsofgaming via GamePro write: "Who doesn't have a soft spot for our primate cousins? From Nintendo's longstanding Donkey Kong series to the Ape Escape games, there have been countless iconic monkeys, gorillas, and other apes appearing in many of our favorite games. Read on as we round them up into one hairy feature and celebrate the greatest video game monkeys ever to appear in a video game!

#12: Data
(the Mega Man Legends series)

Easily one of the most underrated monkeys on our list, Mega Man Legend's Data is a robotic monkey from about the size of Mega Man's foot who speaks in a sort of robot-gibberish that only Mega Man can comprehend. Not only is he adorable, but Data's also the keeper of Mega Man's memories - like a hairy, short little ringbearer."

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Tomdc3840d ago

AiAi has to be my favourite, super monkey ball is one of my most loved games ever!

marcellizot3839d ago

Scraping the bottom of the barrel of the best of lists for this one aren't we. Just for the hell of it though, my favorite gaming monkey is the one out of Viva Pinata.