Sonic Unleashed Revealed

The game begins with Super Sonic amidst a battle with Dr Eggman and his robots. Somehow Dr Eggman lures Super Sonic into a trap and using his latest invention misuses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to defeat Super Sonic and change something in Sonic's body. Dr Eggman appears to break the planet apart soon afterwards.

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Shortstop3894d ago

It's not Eggman, it's Robotnik, damnit! (I don't care what they name it in Japan, I grew up with Robotnik, so I would hope it stays Robotnik... even though I probably won't play this game)

Dream Machine3894d ago

Isn't Eggman Robotniks clone or something? God I love how ridiculously pointless and mad the story is.

Also; Tails better be in this!

ChickeyCantor3894d ago

arent they the same person?

Towers3894d ago

Yeah same person, they changed it cause it was same as what the Japanese called it. I much prefer Robotnik over Dr. Eggman

REPLOID243894d ago

the wolf thing then. I hope Sonic returns to his 2d glory days.

Fallen_Angel3894d ago

Me too this one looks promising I hope they dont blow it............ again

Kulupoo3894d ago

ahhh come on... im very looking forward to this game