Level 5 Vision Brings New Games, Trailers and Screenshots, But don’t Get all Hot and Bothered Yet

Today Level 5 held its annual “Level 5 Vision” conference, traditionally home to new announcements and new games, but if you’re a hardcore JRPG fan, you may want to sit down point a fan at your face before you get a conniption.

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Abriael3503d ago

Yeah, don't we all wish...

We can very well mourn the death of Level 5 as a relevant JRPG developer.

ShugaCane3503d ago

I wouldn't be so harsh. Ni No Kuni is still one of the best JRPGs this gen, but I admit I don't like how they're favoring mobile gaming or other lame franchises. I use to like Layton games, but now I'm really tired seing a game every year. Enough !

Abriael3503d ago

@ShugaCane: I perfectly agree that Ni No Kuni is one of the best JRPGs this gen, the problem is that there's nothing like it in sight. Ni No Kuni was released years ago.

ShugaCane3503d ago

You're right ! I would love to see another DQ VIII or Rogue Galaxy, quality-wise. Those games were dope.

pivotplease3503d ago

Unfortunately being one of the best jrpgs in this generation means very little. This decline is depressing. Maybe square will go bankrupt again and have a new ip be their final hope and it will actually turn out to be amazing. Then the cycle will repeat. Or maybe the warriors of light closed the loop once and for all. I apologize for the obscure and corny reference.

trenso13503d ago

@abriel are you serious? Ni no kuni was released earlier this year! How is that years ago. Level 5 is doing fine imo and to try and down play them by saying on the best jrps by them was released years ago, when it was only early 2013 is absurd.

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tetsuhana3503d ago

2010 on DS in Japan, 2011 on PS3 in Japan

AznGaara3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I really hope that Wonder Flick isn't that game they teased for Ps4 back in April. Ni no Kuni is so good! If they give the port as much production value that they gave to porting Ni no Kuni DS to Ps3 I'll be happy again but idk.... Guess there's always Project Phoenix lol

itBourne3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

I want a Dark Cloud 3 soooo bad. I wish Sony would at least give me an hd bundle of the first 2... something. Ni No Kuni was fantastic, but Dark Cloud is unlike anything made. Even Rogue Galaxy, while great was just like a Dark Cloud tease.

LemyAtom3503d ago

It's a shame that this leaning towards mobile and free to play is happening within bigger developers in the industry. Am still kind of hoping when Shahid Kamal FINALLY announces this so called huge RPG that will have us playing for hours that it's by Level 5. I don't even feel we can really trust Squeenix any more, though FF XV does look like they may finally get some of their magic back, even if it's not a traditional RPG.

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The story is too old to be commented.