PGNx: Dark Sector Review

Digital Extreme's title, the first next-generation title announced, has finally hit store shelves.

In Dark Sector, you'll play as elite agent Hayden Tenno. The game begins with a prologue / training mission to introduce you to the controls. The story starts off well and manages you to hook you, though the developers don't really build on it during the rest of the game. That said, the story serves its purpose, which is to get you from area to area, introducing new people, while Hayden does what he does best: destroy enemies..

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sonarus3845d ago

I think most reviewers were to quick to review this game. I am playing the game now and i have to say this game is at least a 7

arakouftaian3845d ago

but i belive by the end of teh year or for next year the game i will rate it 8.5 but today days a 8.9 is fine teh best game on 2008 so far...