OXM UK Feature: Top 10 Skill Videos

OXM UK writes: "If there's one good thing about Youtube, bar giving the world Chocolate Rain and mememolly, it's that you now get videogame footage on demand.

And not just lifeless trailers either but footage of living, breathing people sharing their greatest moments, their insightful tutorials and their awful sniper montages with us.

There's a wealth of material to sift through, some of it painfully bad, some of it painfully funny and some of it painful from making your jaw drop. But what about Xbox 360 games? OXM has gone through Youtube and picked 10 of the best videos relevant to Xbox 360 gamers."

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Dark_Vendetta3868d ago

10 videos that proof you don't have a real life

tony3868d ago

i see on the snipers on this vids is that they all camp intenselly.

Truplaya3868d ago

the rainbow 6 sniper is blatantly using a bit of blutac on his screen for some of those no-scopes so that isnt exactly skill. I hate it when people do that

Fux4Bux3867d ago

There's hella better videos than this even from Halo:CE on Xbox1 let alone any PC game.

Skerj3867d ago (Edited 3867d ago )

The king of all skill videos is the Daigo parrying Justin in 3rd Strike at EVO. You just can't beat it.

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