OXM UK: A-Train HX Review - The most confusing train wreck of a game ever

OXM UK writes: "So, everyone is laughing right now. Laughing at the title screen. Laughing at the '720p definition' claim. Laughing at the building blocks graphics. Laughing at the poor sap sitting in a slightly wonky chair, shoulders slumped, 360 pad loosely draping from his hands as he wonders where it all went wrong. More specifically, wondering what the hell he's supposed to do next.

So what is A-Train HX? Essentially it's a city-building/train simulator game. Naturally, our first thought was to build a roller coaster-style track, but it soon became apparent we wouldn't be able to do that.

Why? The same reason why it's so hard to review the game - it combines being needlessly complicated with having no tutorial whatsoever."

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