Game Revolution: Dark Sector Review

Game Revolution writes: "Admittedly, there's a fine line between "homage" and "rip-off", but trust me, if you've played Gears and RE4 and enjoyed each of them, you'll see a lot of painfully familiar material in Dark Sector. Yes, the game industry is driven by its recycled material, too-similar sequels, and borrowed ideas. And if Dark Sector had taken parts of those games and created a better, different, or even fun game, I'd be the first to defend it against accusations of theft. Unfortunately, it doesn't.

Expect a game every bit as bland and generic as its title. Even after playing through the game, I'm still not sure what a "dark sector" is, but I suppose it's just supposed to sound menacing and vaguely militaristic. The story is typical zombie fare: a virus is running rampant and turning people into foul, slavering monsters. Taking its cue from the Half-Life handbook, it follows the military's attempt to wipe out the zombie infestation, and since you're infected with the virus as well, you're caught right in the middle."

+ Love the glaive...
- ...when you can use it right.
+/- Decent but severely limited multiplayer
- Floaty character movement
- Pointless weapson upgrades
- Senseless story
- Enemies, like zombies, need brains

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DarkRayneRules3845d ago

I don't care about the reviews... :( I want this game. But here in Australia, 18+ doesn't exist! I don't exist to the OFLC. I am never having children, take that parent groups and censors. That'll teach you! I don't see whats wrong with a little game violence. I'm old enough for it, why should I suffer for someone else's curious boundary-less kids? I'm sure if we had an 18+ rating parents wouldn't be silly enough to buy those games for their children.I just don't get why movies can do it and games cant? And half the games they ban aren't even as violent as some of the unbanned games. It makes no sense. :'( I shall stop now before I completely depress myself.