Game Revolution: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Game Revolution writes: "
Viking (originally titled God of War: Extreme Norse Edition) puts you and Skarin in the business of harvesting the heads, arms, and torsos of the armies of the Underworld. It is a real-time brawler set in an open countryside, instead of the traditional series of levels, here the liberation of Midgard is yours to plan. Skarin is an adventurous guy, too; when he isn't leading armies against the goddess Hel and her demonic Legion, Skarin likes to summon dragons, hunt for kegs and gold, and slay giants. You know, just for kicks.

Unfortunately, Hel is holding the islands - and your whole army - under lock and key. Like an 11th-century Rambo, you'll have to sneak around the outskirts of small villages and thin the enemy ranks before charging in to save the day, bloodily. You'll make up for all this sneaky nonsense when you're ordering dragons around in Dynasty Warriors-ish army showdowns. Each victory rolls back a little of Hel's blood-red blight, restoring the sunshine over a part of the island."

+ Open-world strategy
+ Upgrades and new moves
+ Pretty, dynamic visuals
- Short, so very short
- Erratic learning curve
- Missing sounds and other bugs

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