Interview: Chris Roberts Shares his Vision on Star Citizen, PS4, Xbox One and the Hangar Module

Chris Roberts gives a sneak peek of the Hangar Module, talks about all things Star Citizen, and even hints at a possible console release after the PC version will be completed.

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younglj012797d ago

Holy sh1t this game looks awesome I would really love too play this on my PS4....

KUV19772797d ago

And he even says that a PS4-version is possible. I would totally invest in a stretch-goal for that!

2797d ago
younglj012797d ago

And he mention it cost less to develop for the PS4 then PC.Also he mention another game his team is working on....

2797d ago
ElementX2797d ago (Edited 2797d ago )

Isn't this a subscription MMO? Does anybody know?

*EDIT* Nevermind it has microtransactions

Azurite2797d ago

No subscription and the microtransaction part is optional, you can get the stuff in-game with in-game currency.

Coach_McGuirk2796d ago

great, now every time a Star Citizen article pops up the comments are going to be filled with "Bring to PS4!!!!"

younglj012796d ago

I'm not disagreeing but you make it sound like an bad thing or something....

Coach_McGuirk2796d ago

it's excusable with this article, given that ps4 is actually mentioned. I was just thinking of future articles that have nothing to do with ps4, and how the comments section will be clogged with people begging to bring it to another platform instead of simply discussing what was actually talked about in the article.

BludoDaSmelly2794d ago (Edited 2794d ago )

While you guys dream of ps4, i'll be playing it on my pc.