1UP Previews: Mario Kart Wii - First impressions from the import version

1UP writes: "Super Mario Kart is in my personal Top 10, without a doubt. I enjoyed Mario Kart 64 at the time, but nostalgia and the passage of time has clouded those memories. I found good and bad in both Mario Kart Super Circuit and DS...but was (and still am) an unapologetic lover of Double Dash. Mario Kart is in my blood.

After a few quick laps with the import version of Mario Kart Wii today, it's pretty obvious that I'm going to need way more time to figure out how I feel about this particular installment. At first, my inner purist felt completely turned off by the inclusion of bikes, but then I initially hesitated at Double Dash's dual-manned vehicles and co-op racing, too. Yet, when you factor in the new trick system that also seemed completely superfluous my uncertainties multiplied."

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