GameSpy: Mario Kart Wii Preview

GameSpy writes: "Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's strongest franchises, and considering the popularity of the company's fledgling platform, Mario Kart Wii was inevitable. The hook that separates the Wii from its PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 counterparts is its accessibility, the focus on simpler, more family-friendly gaming experiences driven by motion-sensitive controls that redefine intuitiveness. Mario Kart is and has always been an incredibly accessible driving game. Its simple controls and saccharine sensibilities have invited a generation of parents and children, roommates and couples, friends and strangers to spend a few hours together on the track.

Mario Kart Wii doesn't deviate much from the formula that players have come to love and expect from each new iteration on the series. You have colorful courses with varied shortcuts to compete in, borrowing from classic themes in the various Mario games. The playable characters are the usual suspects as well, ranging from Mario, Luigi, Peach and Bowser to Baby Mario and Baby Peach, each with their own souped-up strollers."

-Latency-free online racing
-Plenty of characters, cars, and tracks to play with

-Wheel attachment is small for adult hands
-Half the courses are borrowed from previous games

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