GameTap: Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack - An in-depth carnage report

GameTap writes: "When the creator of the Halo franchise, Bungie, released its first three-pack of new, downloadable maps (dubbed the Heroic pack) for mega-hit Halo 3 back in December, it was ultimately seen as a disappointment amongst fans. One of the three wasn't entirely intended for straight play (instead it was more of a playground for the game's content editor, known as Forge), while the remaining two were a shrug of the shoulder at best. Meanwhile on Xbox Live, friendly rival Infinity Ward and its shooter, Call of Duty 4, rocketed past Halo 3 into the coveted first place position, where it still remains--a feat that at one point was thought to be improbable at best.

For the second go-around of downloadable content, Bungie is bringing its A-game and delivering what could very well become the three best maps in all of Halo 3. We traveled up to the company's Washington-based studio to check out its latest creations: a remake of an all-time great, a reinvention of a classic, and one brand-new battlefield. After many rounds, we're ready to discuss the beautiful carnage found within."

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