Can Nvidia Kill the x86 Architecture?

Store this one away in your "Grass is always greener" file: The two companies that make the brains found in today's computers, Intel and AMD, are both pushing hard to get into graphics, just as the top graphics chip maker, Nvidia, is aiming squarely at the CPU space. It's not an identity crisis so much as a testament to how important graphics have become in the consumer computing experience - and how much money can be made crunching numbers on the corporate side.

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MicroDeath SoftStar3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

I have been waiting forever for someone to kill x86 off , its a really old form of architecture and its holding everything back when it comes to the pc world .

Horny Melon3895d ago (Edited 3895d ago )

Any of the players in the computer industry are interested in staying in business are going to have to adapt to a U.S. in recession. One way to do this would be to eliminate either the CPU or Graphics card. I think AMD/ATI were smart as they could bring something to the table with harmony. The Intel/Nvidia fight can only play into AMD/ATIs hands...if they don't screw up.

skagrerrrr3895d ago

high time, the x86 has been milked too long

uie4rhig3895d ago

not sure about nVIDIA, i know they can, but not sure they will.. i am more confident saying the IBM will kill the x86 structure of, coz they are the ones that are always looking for a new challenge, but nVIDIA keeps developing the same but better (look at the 9800GX2, its just two 8800 Ultras in one)

MicroDeath SoftStar3895d ago

personally i think that the cards are in MS's hands , if they dont move away from x86 the chip manufactures just cant push technology ahead and were stuck in this monopoly circle

BrianC62343895d ago

If Toshiba is smart they'll work on some kind of Cell computer that is way more powerful than the x86 PC. The Cell is anyway. Now we just need a computer built to take advantage of it at a good price. Use Linux as the OS. I think that would be great. The PS3 could do it but isn't really the right design. Make a special Cell for a desktop computer. I know it would sell huge in the college world and R&D/Medical industries.

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