Images of Naruto: Ninja Storm

Sony America releases five screenshots of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm.

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Lord Anubis3845d ago

They look really good. I was going to add them to the body but i was unable.

CrazzyMan3844d ago

This is OMG.
Best anime like game todate! =)
It looks like anime, not game. That what is Nextgen is all about. =]

wind_dragon3845d ago

u gotta be sh!tt!ng me...
if the game looks like that in-game, then sweet jesus!

kingOVsticks3845d ago

its really hard to tell whats concept art and whats realtime but the trailer showed in game footage and it was still hard to tell. It may just reinvent cel shading.

InMyOpinion3845d ago

Looks amazing! Even better than the carto...I mean anime itself =)

Le-mo3845d ago

If the game look anywhere close to those screenshots then this will be the first Naruto game I buy.

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The story is too old to be commented.