Fang won’t be the only guest character in Lightning Returns, 50 hours to complete the story

If you’ve seen the new Lightning Returns trailer out of Gamescom, then you’ll know that Lightning won’t be entirely alone on her upcoming adventure. Speaking with Famitsu, Game Design Director Yuji Abe shared some additional details on this development and what it means for the final release.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1937d ago

Ah good cause I cant remember but, I beat XIII-2s story fairly quickly I believe at least 20hrs under. Then 100% completed in about 50-60hrs.

Anyway the more I hear about this game the better it gets. It could even be the best out of the XIII series.

KrisButtar1937d ago

I really liked 13-2 also, 13 not so much. It wasn't bad just not one of the greats. I can't wait to own LR as everything I see and read seems so good. Plus Lightning is one of my fav FF characters even though her games are not on the top of my list.

cleft51937d ago

Yeah I enjoyed FF13, but I wouldn't put it up there withe the better FF games that for sure. 13-2 felt like they where returning to form and from what they have shown of Lightning's Return it looks like they going back to what makes FF great while adding in good new ideas. I am hopeful for this game for sure.

levian1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

I really didn't enjoy either XIII or XIII-2. XIII had it the worst, being linear as hell, but it was the combat that got me. Even in XIII-2, as much as it was a better game, it was the combat that pushed me away from it.

I really like some of the characters from the XIII series though, Lightning is awesome in her design, and Fang as well.

At first I completely dismissed Lightning Returns, but the more I hear about it the more I'm interested. The combat looks 100% different though, and that has me interested.

Skate-AK1937d ago

We will see. I remember them saying this.

"The curtailed time means that Lightning Returns is designed as a much shorter game than its counterparts, and is meant to be played through more than once."


goldwyncq1937d ago

That was before the chronostasis feature was implemented, which allows you to temporarily stop the flow of time.

Magicite1937d ago

100% in 60hours on 1st walkthrough? Impossible, unless u used guides.

[email protected]1937d ago

I did mine on 73 hours on the first run.

pivotplease1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Hated 13. I think the boring combat system that requires little strategy beyond changing paradigms and the cringe-worthy story/cutscenes killed it for me.

Oh and the straight line for 12 hours with no quests/options/towns/npcs until it opens up into that uninspired calm lands type place that only had ffxii-like hunts but not even as good.

levian1937d ago

I feel the same way as you. I really liked a lot of the character designs, and it makes me sad they were used in this game that I didn't really like that much.

The combat was for me just annoying. It wasn't innovative to have to switch classes, or "paradigms" to do something different. For the most part you just had one commando, two ravagers, and when you were low health switch to sentinel and two healers. I know there was a bit more to it, but that was essentially all you had to do.

Lightning Returns has me interested, mostly because the combat looks like it's changed.

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Bhuahahaha1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

looking forward to this.and i really like that weapon and armor change.

Tei7771937d ago

hmmm,50hrs to complete the story sounds a bit stretched from what we've seen in the trailer. I always prefer a lean story with no filler, with lots of optional side quests extend the length for those who want.

Roccetarius1937d ago

Sounds like the game will have a lot of filler content.

furneri3571937d ago

i might pick up 13 n 13-2 if lightning returns turn out to be good, so far the game sounds promising