Recession to hit Wii gamers harder?

Analysts from OTX and simExchange have put forth their opinions on the current recession, and how it affects the video game industry, saying Wii owners are likely to be hit harder.

Nick Williams from OTX said that the industry "has shown remarkable resiliency to the economic downturn in recent months. However, it would be presumptuous to say that any entertainment industry is 100% recession-proof." He then said that the industry doesn't look like slowing down for the next month or two, commenting that "Thanks in large part to Nintendo's ambitious mass-market strategy, the traditional gamer boundaries have officially been broken."

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Tomdc3894d ago

I can see it hitting all the consoles the same even if their is a recession. Saying that though it might hit 360 hardest because it's best market is america which is where all this recession rubbish is sprouting from.

JsonHenry3894d ago

Are not console sales one of the few things NOT slowing down in sales?

Tomdc3894d ago

yes but its not completely immune

GutZ313894d ago

Its actually very likely, but its not limited to Wii at all, this would effect everything from entertainment, to food.
A recession is inevitable, but we can only hope its not another "Great Depression".

CourtesyFlush3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I can see why the Wii may suffer the most from a recession.

After all, it vastly broadened the "casual gamer" market. These folks are not the diehard, do-anything-to get-the-games-they-want for-their-system-of-choice gamers like PS3 and 360 owners are.

Many Wiis were purchased by the average 2.5 kids/mortgage/gas-up-the-miniv an household; and these unfortunate families will feel the credit crunch and bear the burdens of recession hardest. So given the choice between gas, food, and a roof over their heads versus Zelda's Super Monkey Mario Ball VII, they will opt for the former. And in a global market, the ripples of an American recession can create troubled waters around the world.

And I doubt most moms and dads are going to take the economic stimulus check and cash it at GameStop.

That said, the gaming industry will "suffer" some setbacks in general, but is sure to continue down the path to becoming the leading form of entertainment for many generations to come.