Internet Blamed for Sharp Drop in Library Book Borrowing

In this technologically savvy society, students seem to be relying more on electronic resources and less on books when it comes to research.

According to circulation statistics, from July 2006 to June 2007, University of Rhode Island students and faculty members checked out 53,227 books. Twenty years ago, students alone checked out more than twice that amount. In fact, students were checking out more and more books each decade until the mid-1990s when the use of the Internet became more widespread.

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decapitator3845d ago

lulz at are all the students on N4G helping this cause....including myself.

The Dark Knight3845d ago

Books are so 1949.

The internet is the THE NOW!!!!

decapitator3845d ago

Bam, you nailed it. Although, they are effective every now and then.

Massacre3845d ago

I blamed this awesome but sometimes crazy site.

TwissT3845d ago

Hey at least this will save some trees.

RecSpec3845d ago

It's where people without computers go to use the internet.

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