I Spit on Vista's Grave

What do the future of computing, a hurricane-ravaged home, and Fred Flintstone's car have in common? If "no windows" is your answer, step on up and claim your prize.

Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) flagship operating system is under fire these days. Last month, market watcher Forrester Research claimed that just 6.3% of surveyed corporate computer users had upgraded to Windows Vista in 2007.

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Breakfast3840d ago

Everyone hates vista, we get it...stop approving these things.

TwissT3840d ago

Yeah, what's up with the hate. Where is the love!?

Lord Anubis3840d ago

sorry as a contributor i look up news in various places one of them Google News. Simply type Vista or windows and you will find this type of stories simply because people are not happy with vista. There are no love stories for vista but if i find one i'll post it.

As a vista user, i had so much trouble in the beginning getting several error codes, one in particular was "WINDOWS EXPLORER HAS STOPPED RESPONDING" and i had to go through so many pages and forums until i found the solution a hot fix microsoft released not so long ago. Now i neither love or hate vista, to me is just like xp except slower. In my opinion there is no reason for the existence of vista it brings nothing new.

Breakfast3840d ago

The problem is that people keep posting the same thing over and over again. I understand vista has its faults, and people dont like it, which is fine by me.

All im saying is, do we have to here it all the time? Unless there is something new, why does it keep getting posted?

Its like the RROD. We know it happens, we know the failure rate numbers, we know everything about it. Yet we keep hearing stories about it.

Kakkoii3840d ago

Yeah. All it does is hurt Vista more then it should. It creates the illusion that Vista is worse then it really is. Which isn't a great thing to do to a product that actually is good, but has it's faults right now.

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Massacre3840d ago

Vista Hate on this site is phenomenal. Guys, its not THAT bad.

Fux4Bux3840d ago

For how much they claimed it would be revolutionary, delay after delay, and the inferior performance to XP, it totally sucks. Yeah there's a few interface improvements that are nice but they could've just changed XP for that. Vista is just a pathetic joke really.

And yet I'm still running it because I have no choice for games. As soon as another company makes something to compete with DX10 Microsoft will completely lose their monopoly and crash.

Charlie26883840d ago

@Fux4Bux: did you said the same thing when XP came out and people were doing the same kind of complaining about how its wasn't as good as 98 or 2000? and why you shouldn't upgrade and how its not worth it, the feature are not enough, etc?

I still find it SO bizarre and yet funny that people keep wanting to pretend XP was launched with SP2 included and working as good as it is today and that it didn't took 7 YEARS to reach to this point

Lord Anubis3840d ago

Charlie simply because XP was in a similar situation what makes you think or compels you to justify Microsoft's doing?

when you buy a new product do you buy it because it's an inferior product or because you expect it to outperform it's predecessor.

Don't Encourage Microsoft to keep doing what they are doing!!!

Charlie26883840d ago

@Lord Anubis: is that some sort of justification to the use of selective memory or the horrendous reality denial that runs rampant around this site? were people ignore facts in order to justify this months bashing product or labels of choice?

its funny that you mention "justification" to my post when my post simply ask people if the bother to remember what happened last time...which obviously is not in the bashes best interest

do I even have to recall what happened to the PS3 last year? (and what happened in this page)

Lord Anubis3840d ago

let's play shall we.

I'm also asking you if you are justifying microsoft as you would say i was merely asking.

Like the saying goes, what's in the past is past.

and the PS3 is a better product than the PS2 (depends on how you want to see) it was under performing last year due to lack of software, that's not the case now but at least i feel i was not sold a repackaged product.

Charlie26883840d ago

What do you want to play? I am good at RTSs and FPSs :D

Well its not really a justification I think you have seen plenty of those around to know what they look like, my stance is simple wait and see with Vista and know what you are going into before you complain, ive bee using it for around 8 months now and let me tell its come a LOOONG way from launch (were people already called in the doomz and the majority of complain originated that for some people keep using) so yes only from looking at what the updates have done plus the fact that XP was in the same situation and now every body loves my stance is that simple wait and see and for the love of God inform yourselves (not you, the people) of what are you gonna do before you complain cuz some are plain rediculous and border in hate for hate

Lord Anubis3840d ago

Very well then, I agreed with you. I just got a bit frustrated with your comment since I had to go through several forums before i could fix my laptop and it almost killed my vaio when I tried to install alcohol 120. ( a constant blue screen of death and restarts)

GutZ313840d ago

One of the main issues with XP, and now vista, were the driver none supportive operations.
As if the OS just didn't want to deal with it.
Me, as an IT guy to a hospital branch, we cant get vista to work with ANY of our equipment. So we stick to XP to keep stability and know that our systems will run, and can prevent crashes.
Unlike what my first go with Vista, as it seems to defy my alterations to make it run better, and just want to blue screen or tell me its shutting down because I've been naughty.
After my struggle testing vista for office use, it was clear, we could not use it in our office at all.

I've been having to "illegally" install XP on newer laptops with vista that dont have XP drivers.
If you've tryed this, you will notice its a pain in the ass.

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PSh1t33840d ago

u droids need to stop submitting worthless articles. if your PC sucks, deal with it.

Ludwig3840d ago

Everyone hates vista and still more people use it than Mac or Linux... and it's only going to get worse as Vista gets un-blocked drivers and proper software + updates..

Everyone, even noobs, know that you don't ask a new OS to be good before he's been a couple of years in the market .. playing blind is silly.

Heepspo3840d ago (Edited 3840d ago )

Just to be haters. :)

I have Vista Ultimate and I love it. No problems at all.

I continue to see a familiar issue with Vista.... Mainly people having problems who upgrade with AN OLD COMPUTER SYSTEM.

I built mine with 3.0 Ghz dual core processor, 4 gigs of memory (this is THE big one) and I run my OS on a seperate HD.

Vista is a HOG and you need a beast to handle it. Don't go putin' a 454ci motor in a Bug cuz you might have some issues. :)

MicroDeath SoftStar3840d ago

and you like to lick there nuts , go figure . hows that extra content for Ultimate owners going for you? Ohh i forgot , Dream scene was the extra content, that lame game and language pack , not much of a justification for all that money , ignorance is a commodity possessed by many yet few know they have it.

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