Editorial - Microsoft Retail Stores Would Fail

Rumors are floating around that Microsoft is considering retail stores, like Apple's, to showcase its products. The problem is, there's nothing to showcase, and while Apple understands the retail store paradigm and has products to back it up, Microsoft does not.

This week, BusinessWeek in addition to analysts from Gartner have pointed out that the level of customer pain with regard to Vista has been caused by Microsoft's inability to innovate with the monster code base of Windows. As a result, making dramatic changes to Vista are akin to rapid changes in direction of the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) aircraft carrier.

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dronde3845d ago

Microsoft won't have place to put XBOX. Good luck Xbox users. Make sure u have AC.

The Wood3845d ago (Edited 3845d ago )

"$824.94 please"

Condoleezza Rice3845d ago

I don't think Microsoft has enough products and the casual appeal to pull this off.The Zune hasn't done very well in the MP3 market,and the Xbox 360 does not have much casual appeal,so I really don't see what Microsoft can showcase that will attract passer-bys.

If they have Microsoft surface on display,maybe that will help keep the stores alive,but unlike Apple,Microsoft don't release new products at the start of each year,so I don't see how the stores can stay open for years and years.....

tgh machines3845d ago

i disagree the 360 does have casual appeal at least in North America. Microsoft also has other PC software other than OS (for example Microsoft office). They could also make a deal with a computer company to sell computers with windows on it at the store.

toughNAME3845d ago

And it seemed as if they could do no wrong...

Bombomb3845d ago

in them stores, everyone is gonna go in and play.

freddy993845d ago

they could fill the store with all the extra things you need for xbox360. like hdd, battery pack, network thingy, front panels, headset and hddvd.

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