The Future of Broadband: We're Totally Screwed

Gizmodo writes:

"As turtle-tastic as broadband is in the US compared to Asia, other than Time Warner's experiment to charge by the byte, at least consumption-based billing has mostly been a problem for Canadians. Until now. Justin from Bend, Oregon just sent us his ISP's new pricing plan, which makes Time Warner's look supremely generous: $55 a month buys you a measly 50GB running at a respectable 16Mbps downstream."

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decapitator3841d ago

Damn, I will be stuck with my current plan for a long time then.

Genesis53841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

I guess MS forgot to talk to the ISP's before they decided that DD's were the way of the future.

PSh1t33841d ago

negative bubbles for u.

ZeroXMD3841d ago

f^ck that. Nazi Douchebag ISP's. I have just 3meg Cable-One but that is fcking ridiculous.

Massacre3841d ago

WTF ? That much money ? Hello Dial Up.

harv0523841d ago

Pfff...You guys think this package suck? I'd kill for that!!

Right now, I'm paying 70$ for 13GB (yep, you read that right, 13) a month. For extra gigs?? 10$.

Beat that!!!

Fux4Bux3841d ago

So much for digital downloads becoming mainstream ever if this is the course ISPs are going on. Seriously wtf is going on here everything SHOULD be getting cheaper and faster. Not more expensive and limited.

Bonsai12143841d ago

it really sucks that companies will eventually charge by bandwidth and limit it.. i'm so happy with my connection at home and at school at my apartment. at home, its like 60 bucks a month, unlimited at ~20mbit. school is 50mbit...

it'll be an unfortunate day when i need to download a movie at ~50gb with a limited connection..

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The story is too old to be commented.