Crispy Gamer: Harvest Moon DS Cute Review - There's harvesting, alright, and hoo boy, is it cute

Crispy Gamer writes: "Given that videogames tend to be about wish fulfillment, about letting us be the soldiers/god slayers/pro athletes/heroes that we'll never be in real life, at first it's somewhat hard to fathom the success of the Harvest Moon series, which places you in the distinctly unglamorous role of an up-and-coming farmer. Once you begin playing, however, you start to realize that sometimes the humble goals are the ones that are the most satisfying when met, and that raising a prize chicken or harvesting a lucrative crop of eggplants can be just as exciting as saving the world. Also, the games are just so damn cute they're hard to resist. I mean, seriously, just look at those cows."

What's Hot:
-Tons to do
-Adorable characters
-Addictive, satisfying gameplay

What's Not:
-Characters with little to say
-Not much geography

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