Don't Beware of de Blob - Interview Nick Hagger Producer of de Blob

Crispy Gamer writes: "In the 1958 sci-fi classic "The Blob," the Jell-O-like creature in question was a real jerk, but in de Blob, a platforming puzzler THQ will release on the Wii, DS and PC this June, the Jell-O-like creatures are happy-go-lucky folk ... until some bad aliens come and suck the color out of their world. It is thus up to you to repaint the place by sucking up color and bouncing into things, coloring them anew, all of which makes de Blob sound like something painter Jackson Pollock might've come up with had he lived long enough to become a Katamari fan. According to Blue Tongue's Nick Hagger, the producer on the Wii version, there's more to this wonderfully weird game than just going nuts with color.

Crispy Gamer: From watching people play it, it looks like you have to paint your world by jumping into some paint and then bumping into things and doing some platforming, all while avoiding traps and racing against the clock.

Nick Hagger: Yeah, that's pretty much it in a nutshell. One of the things you missed, one of the things that will get people to replay it over and over, is the music, which was recorded by a funk and soul orchestra. The music starts off slow-paced, but as the world gets more colorful, the music picks up tempo and complexity. On top of that, each color corresponds to an instrument -- green is keyboards, while purple is wah-wah guitar, and so on -- so as you're painting the world with that color, that instrument comes in more."

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