Leaked GTA V Piswasser Beer commercial "The leaks keep on coming with GTA V. Today, a commercial for the in-game beer, Piswasser, has shown up."

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US8F2856d ago

Please no more leaked articles. This site is not a wares site where it supports hackers. Please people don't approve this.

ogmaster2856d ago

This is not about pirating the game. This is about NEWS. Getting info before it's supposed to be out is NEWS because people want to know.

minimur122855d ago

the title should be 'Pisswasser'

that B in Germanrepresents a double S

Anthotis2855d ago

Funny advert.

A shame(but not a surprise) that sad sensitive white beta males have taken offense...somehow.

Panthers2855d ago


Ehh they are probably just Dutch.

SolidStoner2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

if you wait for 5 seconds it starts other GTA5 commercial, it is showing ships, some naked man running from cops, bikers, crazy views F. I. B. and many many more... damn it looks amazing...

its name: GTA V "The Underbelly of Paradise" video

3-4-52855d ago

These are the things that are awesome IF you randomly find them in game without knowing about it.

I didn't even watch the commercial, but now just knowing that pisswasser is in the game as a joke, it won't be as funny to me when I come across it.

Just having it listed as a thread/topic on this site, has spoiled it.

I've been purposely avoiding GTA 5 news for the past month.

I miss the 90's when everything cool about a game, you found out on your own and it made it that much better.

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admiralvic2856d ago

" This site is not a wares site where it supports hackers. "

Great mentality! So people get angry that Game Journalists don't actually look into things, do anything to break a story and just rehash content from press releases. When people start using information that was dug up and might actually take some effort to break the story... you want them to keep it hidden because you don't approve of how they got the information.

Like it or not, this is technically journalism and is actually more so than rehashing press releases.

jjb19812856d ago

It's journalism for someone to get a pre-screening and tell the world about it?? Not!

evilhasitsway2855d ago

hackers are one reason the gaming industry needed a change damn you ms.

Hufandpuf2855d ago

MS? These are ripped from PS3. If anyody's to blame it's Sony.

evilhasitsway2854d ago

I ment by saying ms that if they wouldn't have changed there plans on x1 the industry would have changed which needed it. it would have made it more diffuclt to hack stuff on the x1 no there will be no difference between this gen and next still easy enough to hack maybe even more so now that next gen are more like pcs

Hellsvacancy2856d ago

It's gonna be like this everyday now until release isnt it

karamanci2855d ago

Not just until release, but after release as well..

zyphee2855d ago

That makes no sense, once its out people can just play it

user74029312856d ago

awesome. i wonder if she sits on it....

cyguration2855d ago

I think she was about to piss in it.

HammadTheBeast2856d ago

This commercial is eye-opening.

Just a heads-up, pause the video once it's over, otherwise it automatically plays other leaked things.

LOL_WUT2856d ago

Piswasser, this is beer. Drive drunk off a pier! ;)

RavageX2855d ago

That always makes me smile.

FunkMacNasty2855d ago

haha! that was my favorite GTA IV TV commercial!

"Pisswasser, drink all day, then your troubles will go awayyayYEAHH!!"

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