GamePro Preview: Grand Theft Auto IV: Multiplayer impressions

GamePro writes: "In Rockstar's New York City HQ, Grand Theft Auto IV's highly anticipated yet never-before-shown multiplayer component was the star of the day. The cross-country trek earned me the prize of four fantastic hours of straight multiplayer play, and this is how the wonderful day went down.

GTA IV isn't technically Rockstar's first foray into multiplayer with GTA, as the PSP's Liberty City Stories launched with some head-to-head WiFi modes that were quite fun for a quick romp. GTA IV, though, is the real deal. In-game access via your cell phone enables you to jump straight into the action without a second thought. On Niko's Badger phone, you can choose from a Quick Play list, or create your own game with options akin to most online console games. But there are no clutter-y menus to clunk around with. Once you find the game you want, a clean lobby screen appears where you can adjust different options for each gametype. Alright, enough of the technicalities -- let's get to the good stuff!"

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