OMG Halo: Legendary Map Pack Impressions

OMG Halo via GamePro writes: "The nice folks at Bungie saw fit to supply a few of us here at Gamepro with access to the new Legendary Map Pack that's due to hit Live next Tuesday. Since the maps are not yet available in matchmaking, I was restricted to goofing around all by my lonesome in a custom game. Still, I was able to get a good feel for the new content. Hit the jump for my impressions.

never got into the online Halo scene until this latest installment, so I'm not familiar with Sidewinder, the map which Avalanche is supposedly based on. I'm judging it with fresh eyes. While the feeling of nostalgia is lost on me, I can't imagine it greatly hindered my enjoyment of what is all around a solid map."

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Breakfast3895d ago

wow...this dude like Standoff as his best map...i completely hate that map.