Tomb Raider: Underworld new screenshots

Tomb Raider: Underworld Virtual Model of Lara. More Sexy as ever.

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niall773894d ago

her face just looks kind of weird.

odisho683894d ago

she looks hottttttttttttt cant wait to see her in next gen ;)

jkhan3894d ago

Wat face? oh u mean the one above the shoulders, sorry too busy looking at her *****:D

level 3603894d ago

Still very cartoony...especially with the face, there something wrong about it, can't tell if it's the ( eyes and lips ) that are too large enough for the head or maybe the head is not proportined with the body as well.

As for the actual game itself, think it has'nt moved on... really needs a new direction which is why it's not doing very well with the sales and all.

DarkRayneRules3894d ago

The facial proportions are wacky. But most games don't go for ultra realism. Games are fantasy after all. I think she's looking better than the first render they showed. The new reflections in the eyes are great. Hmm... I think here eyes are a bit wide set or something. They'd probably be better smaller and closer, but they are going for a certain look. I don't care as long as the game is better than anniversary. Legend rocked, but anniversary didn't do too much for me. LOL. I think I like shooting people more than animals, but it looks like Underworld might give us the best of both worlds. Here's hoping. :)

Ureval3893d ago

Wow. Youre in a minority then, most people thought Anniversary was better.

tplarkin73894d ago

She's a little too muscular, but otherwise looks good. Her face is improved. I just hope her animations are fluid.

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The story is too old to be commented.