Sony starts PS3 game development program in Hong Kong, no one shows up

Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited set up a boot camp for aspiring game developers called the Hong Kong Digital Creation Camp. The program consists of weekend courses in game design taught by Sony specifically for PlayStation 3 production.

Hot model Angelbaby got all the attention.

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Spike473841d ago

Hong Kong, do that for the xbox360 and even the people that set it up would forget they made it.

KingME3841d ago

Why are you hating on the 360 because no showed up for a PS3 event. How childish, it's people like you that make the whole PS3 community look bad.

What a jerk! get a new job dude, cause your work as a comedian can use some work. (pun intended)

Iron Man 23841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )


Seriously,when I read your post I cracked up so hard my stomach started hurting,BUBBLES!;)

GiantEnemyCrab3841d ago

It's the deflection tactic. PS3 fails at something and then it's all bu bu bu bu The 360 would of blah blah blah. If you corner them long enough they will just go to a blank stare and repeat "RROD, RROD, RROD" like a prisoner of war in interogation.

Just look at the valid point you made and were spot on with your assessment and you get the disagrees.

Sony event FLOP confirmed.

7tH_iLLMaTiKz3841d ago

look at chick, shes hot.. oooooooooo very nice.....

yesah3841d ago

...i think what he meant is that the 360 dosnt sell in Hong Kong.

AuToFiRE3841d ago

Spike47s statement was not of 360 bashing, he was simply stating that hong kong, even maybe asia itself is nowhere near as established in videogaming as japan and the western market, sony is trying to do a good thing by trying to get a younger generation interested in making videogames not just for the ps3 but for any console, like how often have you wanted to try console SDKs but have never been able to, sony is giving people that opportunity in whihc they most likely would have never had.

As for you KingMe, you suck because you will take anythign about any other console manufacturer as something against your console, i smell fear in your exhaust vents because you know its the end for the 360, the ps3 will surpass the 360 and you know it

PopEmUp3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

you guys need to used this word more widely in a more unique ways

GameDev3841d ago

this just reflects the cultural animosity different asian nationalities have between each other. Japan tried to invade China in WW2.

juuken3841d ago


And Kingme, learn how to laugh once in a while. He's probably right, rofl.

oohWii3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Man you are 100% correct. This guy took something negative about the PS3 and tried to deflect the negativity by spinning it in the way of the 360. And the rest of these zombies are just doing what they typically do. Living in denial, here are the facts Sony tried to perform a public service and no one showed up. Period. This had nothing to do with the 360, yet the first thing that came to spikes mind was the 360.

It blows me away how many people disagreed with that, which supports the long lived point of how irrational fanboys can be. It's like being in an insane asylum and you're the only sane one there. If you're not careful, you're start to question your own sanity.

Some of you guys are simply pathetic. Kingme makes a statement and you clowns gang up on him, when Spike's statement was the actually statement that started the flamewar. He is a jerk, and some of you are no different. Whatever though.

@AuToFiRE - Stop trying to interpret what Spike is saying, it's funny what he said and what you said he meant are so completely out of whack. Perhaps that's what the problem on n4g is, Sony fanboys speak an entirely different language than everyone else. Simple words like 360 means hate, wii means toy, no one showed up for a sony event means organizers of 360 event wouldn't have showed either. STFU!

AuToFiRE3840d ago

im not a sony fanboy, im not a nintendo fanboy and im not a microsoft fanboy, i speak equally about all consoles, their advantages and disadvantages of each, everyone i talk to says the ps3 will pass the 360 sooner or later, even the most hardcore 360 lovers i know say it and if you deny it your just trying to make yourself feel better for dishing out $400. so if you want me to stfu look at all the consoles like i do and have a better understanding for technology, economics, moore's law, and just plain common sense which from what i read you lack in all the fields described above

jmoneezie3839d ago

What does your reply to oohwii have to do with the subject or even his comment. From what I read he never mentioned anything about which console was going to pass the other. He asked you not to try and interpret what someone else was saying. And he's right, the guy said one thing, you said something entirely different and you are trying to say that they both mean the same thing.

Then you start, whinning about how many people you talked to and which console they feel is going to pass the other. Maybe you should STFU, because you can't even properly respond to the comments made directly to you.

"so if you want me to stfu look at all the consoles like i do and have a better understanding for technology, economics, moore's law, and just plain common sense which from what i read you lack in all the fields described above "

What does the above have to do with..."Stop trying to interpret what Spike is saying, it's funny what he said and what you said he meant are so completely out of whack." which was said to you.

Strange, just strange.

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DrPirate3841d ago

This is a dead honest question to someone with more knowledge on the culture of the Chinese.

Do they play games as much as we do? As much as Japan does?

With a country of 1.5 billion or so people you think sales numbers should be:


Are videogames popular at all there?

DrWan3841d ago

Because privated software everywhere. U cannot find a real copy in China ...i dont care where u go.

Yes chinese play just as much games as everybody. Go into internet cafe u will see WoW and Counterstrike, Battlefield, Chinese MMORPGs, and various other games running.

At home they play copy PS2 games and such. big big industry in terms of consumers. but sadly, all copies.

ruibing3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

This is an answer from someone born in China.

Games that do well in China tend to be the same ones that do well in Korea. Last time I was over there, Counterstrike Source, WoW, Guild Wars, and etc were doing very well in those internet cafes. Not many people seem to own any next gen consoles that are not easy to pirate for, such as the Wii. The main problem is probably buying legit next gen games that are not pirated.

This program would have been much popular in the U.S. around any bean towns with a large programming community, such as near MIT, Carnegie Mellon, GIT, etc.

cmrbe3841d ago

from what i have gathered are into PC gaming mostly. Only a few have next gen console. Most consoles games they play are pirated or cheap knock offs.

PR0F3TA3841d ago

damn you Sony why can't you do this for America. I know programming code (to some extent) and i would kill for a chance to know how to program for the PS3's hardware ='(

ShinFuYux3841d ago

Pff, do this in NYC and you'll have more than 5thousand people going in.

PR0F3TA3841d ago

hey i live in NYC too... Bx to be exact, and yes, it would be packed and lined up around the corner

Bnet3433841d ago

China has the most WoW subscribers @ person if China plays games.

robbo9183841d ago

Because 90% of the farmers come from China in WOW, or EQ2, EQ1, or any big MMO for that matter.

perils3841d ago

haha you win some you loose some! at least the guys organising it would have been able to feck off to the pub early!

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